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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kaitlynn's 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday we had a house full. It was kind of crazy the amount of people at our house. We had about 40 people over to celebrate Kaitlynn turning 2. The party was for friends and family. 9 of Kaitlynn's friends came (Ella, Breydan, Hasnain, Gabe, Nick, Bailey, Addison, Auggie and Elliott). It was from 4PM to 6PM. People started arriving at 3:50 (which was fine, but totally freaked me out). I am the type of person that needs up to the last minute to get everything done. It's not that I am slow, but just constantly finding something else that needs to be done.

While people were arriving, we tried to introduce people, get everyone drinks and food. We had chili (2 pots - vegetarian and chili with beef), fritos, shredded cheese, sandwiches (dollar rolls with salami, chicken, turkey, ham, or roast beef), potato chips, bar-be-que potato chips and animal crackers. To drink, we offered soda, tea, juice boxes, coffee, wine and beer. I think we had a decent spread.

Most people went to the basement, where the play area is. We had a section set up for the older kids to play Wii. The rest of the basement was set up for the toddlers / babies to play with toys.

My sister just had to have Kaitlynn open up the present from them early.

After letting the kids play for over an hour, we sang "Happy Birthday" and cut the cake.
Thankfully I took a picture of the cake before the party, because as soon as we sat Kaitlynn in her chair, she stuck her fingers in the icing.

Blowing out the candles!

Kaitlynn didn't eat much (if any) cake and ice cream. She just played in it.
Once everyone had a chance to eat cake and ice cream, we opened gifts. Every year I am not sure how to do the gifts. I don't know if we should open gifts at the party or later. I want people to see Kaitlynn open their gift and know it is appreciated, but at the same time, I don't want to bore everyone with it. I also don't want people to think they have to bring a gift. It is completely optional. We really just want people over to celebrate with us. Birthday parties are just really important to me. I want to celebrate every birthday Kaitlynn has and every accomplishment she makes.

Kaitlynn got a lot of great gifts. She got clothes, play-doh, Dora rocking chair, puzzles, building blocks, tunnel, purse, laptop, beach towel, swimsuit, dress up animals, hair clippie, books, Little Mommy doll, tea set, table and chairs set, art easel, and a savings bond.

She also got this really awesome box / case that Emily made. It says "Princess Kaitlynn" on the front and inside was a "Birthday Girl" shirt and a Princess book. It is so awesome! Emily really put a lot of work into it.
These are the party favor bags that I forgot to hand out to most of the kids as they were leaving. Inside was an animal mini coloring book and crayons, sunglasses, bath paint (from Avon), animal foam stickers, and Curious George fruit snacks.

Almost everyone left after or during the gift opening. My mom, older brother (Jim) and his daughter (Sissy) stayed for a little while after the party.
Kaitlynn wouldn't let Sissy put her down.
After the party, I tried to get some pictures of Kaitlynn in her birthday dress, but she was too busy playing with her new toys.


Nikki said...

Looks like a fun party! Cute cake!

Emily said...

We had a blast. Great party, Amy. The food was delicious and Ella enjoyed celebrating with Kaitlynn. Happy 2nd birthday, Kaitlynn!