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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visiting Daddy At Work

Monday I took Kaitlynn up to visit Dave at work. Kaitlynn fell asleep on the way there, but we still woke her up when we got there. I knew if we didn't she would be disappointed. After leaving, we went to my mom's.

I was hoping Kaitlynn would fall back to sleep on the drive to my mom's. Nope. She was up until bedtime. We went grocery shopping and out to dinner. Kaitlynn played with Sassy and took a bath at my mom's. She likes running around the yard with Sassy. She digs in the dirt with Sassy and they find places to hide. It's fun to watch them together. Sassy is still a puppy and can be hyper. She jumped up on Kaitlynn and scratched her face. Now Kaitlynn has a scratch below her eye. But she still loves that silly dog.

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