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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Almost 2

Sunday Dave worked most of the day. Kaitlynn and I just hung out at home and played with her new toys. She loves the Princess / Sleeping Beauty tea set (from Mindy and Corbin), tunnel (from Uncle Jeff), Little Einsteins laptop (from Maryam and Hasnain) and Little Mommy Princess Doll (from Randy, Angie, Andrew and Josh).
Kaitlynn likes to eat her meals at the table my mom got her.
After lunch, Kaitlynn decided to write on the refrigerator with a yellow crayon. It came off with the Mr. Clean sponge.

She had a blast playing in the tunnel.
She totally freaked me out when she decided to try to pull her staple out. She actually pulled a little bit of the staple out on the right side. Ewww!

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