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Friday, March 13, 2009

No More Green Popcorn

I was so tired Thursday. Thankfully Kaitlynn slept until 9AM and then let me relax until we had to get ready for Hasnain to come over. Hasnain is going through separation anxiety. I think this is probably what's been going on with him the last few times he was over. Hasnain didn't want Maryam to leave today and he just cried. I got my sling from Kangaroo Kids out and carried him in it. He was ready for a nap when Maryam brought him and I needed to fix Kaitlynn's lunch. The sling worked out perfectly. Soon after I put him in it, he was asleep. After I fixed lunch, I laid him down and he slept for an hour or so. Kaitlynn didn't want to take a nap again today. She was having a lot of stomach trouble. I think it's from the green popcorn. She has been eating a lot of it and I think it is causing some issues. My poor baby was in such pain this afternoon. I just felt terrible. I gave her some medicine, but it just didn't seem to be helping her. Hasnain got upset because Kaitlynn was crying. I put him back in the sling so that I could hold him and Kaitlynn. They both fell asleep until Maryam came. After Maryam and Hasnain left, Kaitlynn went back to sleep. She woke up and ate dinner and then went back to bed.

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