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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Strawberry Festival

Sunday May 17th Dave, Kaitlynn and I attended the Strawberry Festival at the Belleville Eckert's. We went to the kid's area first. While waiting to meet up with Emily and Ella, Kaitlynn rode her first ride all by herself! She rode on an airplane swing.
Daddy putting Kaitlynn on the airplane.
Kaitlynn wasn't too sure of the ride at first and started to protest. We told her that we would stay close by. The guy running the ride told Kaitlynn to give it a try and if she didn't like it, he would stop it and let her off. She seemed OK with that, but she wouldn't look at us at first.
She seemed to enjoy it though.
She played in the sandbox.
Sat on the turtle.
Fed the goats, which was her most favorite thing.

She also fed a pony
and pet a wallaby
and a camel.

Kaitlynn and Ella had fun running around while we ate lunch. We also enjoyed some custard. Yum!
Sadly, we weren't able to pick strawberries because the fields had been picked out the day before.
It was such a nice, warm day!
We ran into my sister Denise, her husband and kids (Johanna and Brandon). Kaitlynn loves Neece and Hanna.
Riding the airplane swing one last time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grant's Farm Trips

Monday May 11th, I watched Olivia. Dave was off of work, but had to study for one of his final exams. Kaitlynn, Olivia and I picked my mom up from work and took her to a doctor's appointment. Olivia's mom picked her up after the appointment. Mom, Kaitlynn and I ran some errands and had dinner.

Tuesday the 12th, I watched Olivia again. The Yahoo Mom's Group met at Grant's Farm. Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Grant's Farm together. We met up with the Yahoo Group for a bit.
Kaitlynn fed a camel and a llama. She didn't really like feeding the camel. It freaked her out and she made Dave finish feeding it.
We went home, planted flowers and did some yard work.

Wednesday the 13th, Kaitlynn, Dave and I attended Motor Developers class. I was glad that Dave was able to attend a class with us. After class we worked on the backyard.
Dave found and captured a toad for Kaitlynn. She thought it was pretty cool! We let it free into our garden after spending some time with it.
Kaitlynn and I went to my mom's while Dave studied for final exams. Kaitlynn likes to "blow dry" her hair with MawMaw's hair dryer.
Thursday, Dave and Kaitlynn spent some time together while I went out. We went to my mom's. It was my parent's wedding anniversary. We brought my mom flowers from our yard. We didn't do anything too special - went grocery shopping and out to dinner.
Friday the 15th, Dave went back to work. Kaitlynn and I went to my mom's. We went to Grant's Farm with her and Elliott.
In the goat pen
Feeding the goats a bottle
We went on the carousel, which we all enjoyed. We tried to watch an Animal Encounter Show, but it was too long to keep Kaitlynn's interest. We ate lunch after seeing the rest of the animals.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day

On Sunday May 10th, Dave and Kaitlynn brought me breakfast in bed - Steak n Shake! They gave me a card and a few gifts - a new table cloth for the kitchen / dining room table and a hummingbird feeder along with hummingbird food. Kaitlynn will enjoy seeing the hummingbirds!

Then we went to my mom's.

Playing with Sassy and Shadow at MawMaw's

My mom, brother Jeff, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Pasta House for Mother's Day Dinner.

My 2 favorite girls!

Kaitlynn wouldn't stop loving on MawMaw at dinner. It was super sweet!

We went back to MawMaw's where Kaitlynn and Sassy played outside.

Kaitlynn made this with my mom for me for Mother's Day. Isn't that so sweet??!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zoo Friends' Day

Thursday the 7th Kaitlynn and I delivered Avon, then went to my mom's. She was watching Elliott, so we took the kids to Burger King. Kaitlynn and Elliott had fun playing in the play area and met a couple of new friends. We took my mom to a dental appointment and then went to the mall play area for the kids to play.

Friday the 8th started Dave's vacation from work. I watched Olivia. It was Zoo Friends' Day so that afternoon (after it stopped raining), we went the Zoo. We rode the train first.

View of the tigers from the train.

Then we visited the new Caribbean Cove. It was only open to Zoo members that day. The Caribbean Cove is home to 32 stingrays. Dave and I pet a few of them. Kaitlynn would put her hand in the water, but as soon as one would start to swim near her, she would jerk her hand out of the water.
Such a brave little girl!

Kaitlynn had fun creating some artwork. She made a sea picture and a stingray. I'll have to take pictures and post them later, because she did an awesome job!
We saw the sea lions, big cats, zebras, giraffes, and donkeys.

Then stopped to watch this beautiful peacock.

We saw the prairie dogs
and watched this brown bear carry a rubber tub up a tree.

What a wonderful family day!!