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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We enjoyed the beautiful warm weather by playing outside. Dave and Kaitlynn played in the pool. We also had Turtle out to enjoy the day. Then Kaitlynn and Sassy looked for animals in the "jungle."

Later MawMaw, Hanna, Brandon and Adam came over. We had a great dinner - barbeque, grilled corn on the cob, pasta salad and baked potatoes. We walked up the street to watch the fireworks. They were awesome! Then we headed home for dessert - lemon cake with lemon icing! Yummy!

We went to MawMaw Tommie's. Kaitlynn had so much fun riding on the 4wheeler, first with Adam, then Hanna and then Dave! Kaitlynn also had a lot of fun going down the water slide. She said she's "been wanting to do this her whole life!" When she would slide off the bottom of the slide, she would jump up and say, "I ok!" Super cute! Kaitlynn and the other kids did some pops, snaps and sparklers. After dinner they did more sparklers. Kaitlynn, Hanna, Adam and Brandon had fun swinging on the hammock and relaxing. We watched the fireworks display after dark. We had a great family holiday weekend!

Park and Jungle Boogie

Earlier this month, we enjoyed the beautiful weather at the park! We had a great time - swinging on the swings at the playground, skipping rocks at the creek and a little hike! Kaitlynn has such a great heart and love for Jesus! While on the hike, she had to stop several times to "Thank Jesus." What an awesome child God has blessed us with! I wish I had a heart like hers.

Lately, whenever Kaitlynn gets into trouble she tells us it's her "bad hand." I don't know how she came up with that, but it's so funny.

Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to Jungle Boogie. It was a pretty warm night. We rode the train and Kaitlynn had fun "taking pictures" with her camera. Kaitlynn and Dave rode the carousel and then we listened to the music by the sea lions. MawMaw and Kaitlynn enjoyed a Tiger's Blood snowcone and danced to the music. We ran into Teri at the end of the evening.

Beauty and the Beast

A few weeks ago, Kaitlynn and MawMaw attended a SpongeBob Party. They painted / sponged a picture and made an octopus.

Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to see Beauty and the Beast at The Muny. On the way there Kaitlynn said, "Daddy I need your money!" I thought we had a few years before we got to that point!
After finding our seats and getting settled, Kaitlynn said "Hurry, put my tiara on before the prince comes out!" The production was awesome!

Febreze Party and Swim Class

Last month I hosted a Febreze House Party. I was amazed at all of the wonderful goodies Febreze and House Party sent me. I was able to give all of my guests some amazing gift bags. They were completely shocked by the generosity of the gifts received.

For most of the party, Kaitlynn and Dave were at an event called Mini Chefs. Kaitlynn got a sucker for spinning the wheel, a zipper bag with measuring spoons, whisk and spatula, an apron and a small Strawberry Shortcake doll and DVD. They had a good time at the event.

Kaitlynn and I attended Monday Makeover twice last month. MawMaw, Kaitlynn and I had dinner at El Nopal and then went to Kaitlynn's swimming class.
Kaitlynn had a great time with MawMaw at class! They sang songs, worked on floating, kicking, blowing bubbles, walking like an alligator and diving for rings. The teacher told us that Kaitlynn is doing great. She said she has had such a huge turn around from the first night and that you would never know she was the same child. She said Kaitlynn is such a fish now. It was wonderful to hear the teacher brag on Kaitlynn. I think she really likes Kaitlynn and I know Kaitlynn really likes her. We really like her too and are so appreciative of her. She really got Kaitlynn comfortable with the pool and learning to swim.
MawMaw and Kaitlynn played in the pool until closing time! MawMaw told Kaitlynn she was pooped and Kaitlynn said "You pooped in here!" Kaitlynn thought she meant she pooped in the pool! Such literal thinking. It's so cute!

In the car on the way home, Kaitlynn was putting on lip gloss. I asked her who she was getting all fixed up / gussied up for. She said "I gotta look good for daddy!" Isn't that sweet?!

Dave and I watched Paranormal Activity. It was an interesting movie. I thought it was supposed to be a true story, but wasn't sure because of the different endings.

Ticket to the Beatles

Several weeks ago Kaitlynn, Nick and I met some moms and kiddos from church at Suson Park for a playdate. Kaitlynn and the other kids interacted a little. The kids had fun running around and playing on the playground while us adults got to know each other. We ate lunch and then most of us started leaving for naps and such. Kaitlynn and Nick tried rock climbing, then Kaitlynn helped Nick swing, Kaitlynn climbed the wall to the big slide and before we left Kaitlynn and Nick had fun swinging.

That evening Kaitlynn, MawMaw, MawMaw Tommie and I went to Jungle Boogie. Ticket to the Beatles was the band playing. It was really crowded. This band has drawn the biggest crowd so far. We met up with some friends and had a good night!

Grant's Farm and the Zoo

Last month Kaitlynn, Nick, MawMaw, MawMaw Tommie and I went to Grant's Farm. We went early to avoid the extreme heat. Kaitlynn fed the goats. Kaitlynn and Nick rode the carousel. Kaitlynn, Nick and MawMaw Tommie ran through the mister. Kaitlynn and Nick pet the donkeys / ponies. We stopped for lunch and a snowcone. We walked through the stables and called it a day since it was getting unbearably hot and the kids were ready for naps.

Kaitlynn did the cutest thing and I wish I would have captured it on The Flip. She picked up her Brittany Chipmunk from Build-A-Bear and started singing along with it to "All the single ladies!" It was super cute! I have to get that on video.

Kaitlynn, Nick, MawMaw, MawMaw Tommie and I went to the Zoo. It was a beautiful day for a Zoo trip! Kaitlynn was very concerned about a sick sea lion. We saw the donkeys, giraffes, zebras, camels and big cats, went to the Zootenial Exhibit and then rode the carousel. Kaitlynn played in the water fall outside of River's Edge while Nick napped. We went through River's Edge. Kaitlynn was in amazement when she saw her reflection in the glass at Hippo Harbor.
What a great day at the Zoo!

Graduation and Swim Class

I am so proud of my niece, Hanna! She graduated from beauty school on June 21st. Only her and another girl graduated on time. For graduating on time, she got a netbook from her school.

One day while getting ready for swim lessons, after Kaitlynn put on her swimsuit, she said she looked like a ballerina!

In swim class, they sang songs, worked on floating, kicking and using a floating board. They practiced blowing bubbles in the water and walking / crawling like an alligator.

After swim class, Dave told Kaitlynn that she did awesome. She said, "I'm not awesome! I'm a princess!" Dave told her she was an awesome princess, but she wasn't buying it. She just wants to be a princess!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Angel

Around Father's Day, Kaitlynn and I were looking at pictures of PawPaw Dado. She can still pick him out in pictures! She said that he is her angel and that he fed and took care of her when she was a baby. What a sweet "memory" she has of PawPaw Dado. For her to say he is her angel makes me wonder if they don't still have a "relationship." Maybe he is looking out for her and checking in on her from time to time.

Father's Day - Dave

Kaitlynn is so lucky to have such an involved daddy! Thank you for all you do for the both of us.

Remembering My Dad on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad! I miss you so much! I can't believe you have been gone for over 2 years now. I am so glad that you were here for all the special events that you were, but I sure miss you and wish you could be here for the special events that have happened in the last 2 years and for the ones in the future. I thank God for giving me such a special dad. I wish I would have realized how blessed I was to have such an amazing dad who sacrificed everything for us. Kaitlynn is getting so big and she is so smart and beautiful. I can't believe the last time you saw her was in April / May 2008. She still remembers you and I hope will never forget you. You were such a dedicated grandpa. I miss you everyday, but I know more and more that you are in a better place. You are in a place where there is no disappointment, no pain and no tears; only peace, joy and love. Until we meet again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grant's Farm and Outback Steakhouse

Saturday late morning, Kaitlynn and I had a dance party for Dave. That afternoon we gave Dave his Father's Day gifts. We gave him his gifts early because they gave me my Mother's Day gift early. I don't think I ever mentioned what they gave me. They bought me a beautiful NLT Bible. It's what I asked for and I love it! We gave Dave a t-shirt and a book. A guy I met in my Bible study suggested this book for him.

We decided to brave the heat and go to Grant's Farm. On the way there, Kaitlynn was being silly in the car. She asked me to flap my ears with her! Then we had to stop to get cash and when Dave came back to the car she asked, "Daddy did you get money for the goats?"

We were able to get right on the tram when we got there - no line at all. There was a really nice breeze while on the tram. A lot of the animals were out and right up near the tram. Kaitlynn thought it was the coolest! She sat in her stroller to feed the goats. They were really hungry.
Then she rode on the carousel - 2 rides for the price of 1! Kaitlynn had fun running through the mister. She even had Dave and me running through it with her. It sure felt good on such a hot day! Kaitlynn enjoyed a Tiger's Blood snow cone while Dave and I enjoyed a few Bud Light Limes! Also good on a hot day! Kaitlynn threw a few pennies in the wishing well and then decided to save the rest. We went into the stables. Kaitlynn wanted to pet Miss Budweiser, so I told her to call for her. She started yelling, "Budweiser!" Everyone that passed us got a real kick out of that. Kaitlynn and Dave fed the camels and then we headed out.

We went to MawMaw's and took Dave to Outback Steakhouse for Father's Day dinner. They had this promotion where you get a scratch off if you are a dad. You can win any thing from $5 off to $599.99 off (a year of Outback free). Dave won a $25 gift card good towards our next visit! Not too shabby!


One morning last week, Kaitlynn wanted Cheerios for breakfast and was calling them Tummy Yummies all morning. Then she found a bag of candy (in my bedroom) and was walking around with it saying "Trick or treat?" She talks about Halloween frequently and talks about having "MawMaw, Neece and Brandon over. And Hanna and Adam." She also talks about Christmas and says she wants the Christmas tree up and reminds me that Santa brings her presents. Instead of Christmas, she says "Chrisum" or something similar to that. It's cute!

Later, she decided it was a good idea to get on my shoulders (while I was sitting down) and say, "Giddy up horsey!" She thought that was great.

We ended up going outside. It was so disgustingly hot out there. It was so hard getting her to come back inside. I finally convinced her to come in for lunch. Right after lunch, she was ready to head back outside with the dogs. Dave came home and started mowing the lawn. Kaitlynn stayed outside with him. She came back in sweaty and with red cheeks and said, "It's hot, hot, hot out there!" She was darn right! It was hot, hot, hot out there! Blazing hot!

Before bed, Kaitlynn asked if I would read her a book. I told her yes and then she started calling me "pal." She likes coming up with nicknames for people. She calls Dave "Big Guy" which I think she got from Clifford (also where she got Tummy Yummies from). It is so darn cute to hear her call him that. He has in turn started calling her "Special K" when she calls him "Big Guy." She calls Uncle Jeff "Monkey." I'm not sure why except that he plays ball and runs around with her. She calls Adam her boyfriend. OK, so maybe that's not exactly a nickname.

Dating Anniversary

Last Wednesday was Dave and my 8 year dating anniversary. 8 years ago, we went on our first date on Father's Day (so obviously it was a Sunday). We went to the Shakespeare Festival. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the play showing that year. We have gone to every production since with the exception of 1 (because we were in Florida). We both remember that night so well. We were so unprepared -no blanket, chairs or food and beverages. The people behind us had tiki torches and a bucket of KFC. At one point we were afraid one of their tiki torches was going to set Dave on fire. We almost left during intermission because we thought the play was over. We even remember the conversation we were having as we were walking from the car to the play - it was about chunky chicken (don't ask!).
As the years have gone by, we've gotten pretty good at being prepared for the Shakespeare production. This year's production was Hamlet. It was awesome! Our dinner consisted of Subway sandwiches and Riesling. What a combo, huh? It was such a beautiful evening. We couldn't have picked a better night to go. Quotes from the production: "To thine own self to be," "Brevity is the soul of wit," "To be or not to be. That is the question, " and "Get thee to a nunnery." What great quotes.

Kaitlynn stayed at MawMaw's. We also took Pumpkin and Jasmine (the cats) to MawMaw's because they are going to live at her house. So, we are cat-free now! Kaitlynn and MawMaw had a treasure hunt around the house, played outside, played with dolls and gave her doll a bath after making dinner. Kaitlynn was bathed and sleeping when we came to pick her up. We probably should have just left her there, but she did well transitioning to the car and then to her bed. She stayed asleep the entire time.

Making Friends

Last Tuesday morning and afternoon it was storming. Kaitlynn said she wanted us to take umbrellas to the Zoo & run through the rain. Yeah, that didn't happen. Instead we went to get blood work done. She held my hand and was excited when the phlebotomist showed her the tube of my blood.

We visited MawMaw. Kaitlynn said she wanted Applebee's for dinner and then only ate a few bites. I guess I should be happy that she at least ate something! Kaitlynn had fun running around the mall, playing on the rides and at the play area. While at the play area, she was quite the chatterbox & socialite! She "made" friends with all the kids at the play area and even talked to a few parents. She was really talking to this boy and girl's dad, which was surprising because she normally does not talk to men. Then she really took to this lady that had a baby a little younger than a year. Kaitlynn followed her and the baby around the play area and just talked about different things. Before the lady left, she hugged Kaitlynn and told her how sweet she was. It was really cute!

Kaitlynn ended the evening playing with this little guy named Allam. He turned 3 in the fall. They were running all over the mall together, just having a great time. I love how she makes friends so easily.


Kaitlynn and I went to church for MM. Unfortunately, Kaitlynn was the only child there, but she enjoyed helping us.

When we got home, I was determined to get the living room looking better - basically Kaitlynn's toys more organized and put up. Kaitlynn helped me vacuum. While I was vacuuming the living room (along with the couch and couch cushions), she vacuumed the hall and main bathroom. Then we moved on to the dining room and kitchen. Unfortunately, that's when both of the vacuum cleaners pooped out on us. So now we are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. We have terrible luck with them. They are constantly breaking and we are constantly replacing them. I cleaned and organized Kaitlynn's room. I bagged so many toys / stuffed animals to put in storage and organized all her toy bins, totes, and toy box. It looks better, although it is still crammed with toys. Her room is really small. Next, I took on the kitchen - mainly the area where Kaitlynn's toys are. She has a table and chairs set, play kitchen, dishes and food for her kitchen, dress up stuff, pretend cash registers and 2 noodle tubs. I moved everything off of her table and organized them in containers underneath the table. It looks better (at least for now). Finally, I tackled Kaitlynn's shoes. She has a shoe organizer for under her bed, but somehow her shoes don't seem to find their way back there. As I was going through her shoes, she was missing mates to 2 pairs of flip flops. Luckily, I found the mate to 1 of the flip flops.

Kaitlynn had swim class. Dave and Kaitlynn played in the shallow part of the pool before class started and then Kaitlynn got right in when it was time for her class to start. I was so proud of her during swim class. I think she has conquered her "fear" of the pool. She is so brave! They sang songs, splashed with their hands and the teacher worked on having the parents hold the kids while they kicked their legs in the water. Kaitlynn started moving her arms, too! She is a natural, a fish! She put her face in the water a few times and was OK with that. With 5 minutes left in class, they went over to the shallow part and let the kids "dive" for rings. Kaitlynn had fun throwing the rings in the water and going after them. At one point, she fell in and went under the water, but was brave enough to get back in the water and continue playing. After class, Dave and Kaitlynn continued playing in the water - the shallow and deep parts. She is so much more confident. She is just so stinking cute walking around in the shallow part of the pool!

On the way home from swim class, Kaitlynn informed us (again) that she needs a TV for her bedroom (actually she said TVs)! I don't know how comfortable I am with that at all. We have a TV in our bedroom and I know we really shouldn't. I don't want her to think she has to have the TV on to go to sleep. It's such a bad habit to start. I know we are not setting a great example, but it's hard to break bad habits.

After Kaitlynn went to bed, Dave and I watched "The Lovely Bones." It was a good movie, however, I did not agree with the girl's "heaven." I do not believe that when we die and go to Heaven, we will still be tormented by something that happened to us here on earth. There will be no looking back or wanting revenge. There will be no tears, longing or sadness. To me it was like the girl went to hell. How horrible to be dead and keep reliving your death or waiting for revenge! I felt is was a twisted view of "heaven", but thought the acting and the rest of the movie was decent.

Catching Lightning Bugs

One night before bed, Dave called Kaitlynn a lady. She said, "I'm not a lady. I'm jingle bells. I'm not jingle bells, I'm a princess!" We busted up laughing. We think she meant Tinker Bell, instead of jingle bells.
Today we had a lazy day. We went out to dinner and to Target with MawMaw. Then we went back to MawMaw's house. Kaitlynn had fun catching lightning bugs with Uncle Jeff. While they were running around, she fell and said one of the bugs tripped her! Girl is silly!
Hanna and Adam delivered Kaitlynn's climbing cube to our house. Kaitlynn had fun playing in it for a few minutes before bed.

Ella's Birthday Party

We attended Kaitlynn's friend, Ella's 3rd birthday party. The party was in her backyard. It had a Wiggles theme and was a backyard pool party. It was a lot of fun, but super sweaty hot out. It was so hot, at times we were hoping it rained just to cool us off. The kids were all fine because they had the water to play in. The party had face painting, music, games, sprinkler pool, wagon, slide, play house and an appearance by The Wiggles (actually teenage boys dressed as The Wiggles).

Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car. She slept until it was time to get ready for church. We attended service and Kaitlynn attended her class. When I came in to pick her up, she was sitting on the floor with one of the teenagers that helps out and 2 other boys. The teenager was reading them a story. Kaitlynn found her picture that she made and was ready for some hot chocolate.
This week's lesson: Jesus was a friend to the blind men. The kids brought home this really cool Lil' K Map Book that discussed the Bible story and being a friend. I hope they get these for all their lessons. Bible verse for the week: "A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17

Charles Glenn

Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. We met Hanna and Brandon there. We ran into some friends. The band playing was Charles Glenn. Instead of the big stage, they were playing by the lake under a roof because it was sprinkling a bit when the concert first started. Thankfully the rain stayed away. We ate dinner and listened to music. Dave, Kaitlynn, Brandon and Hanna went to Caribbean Cove to pet the stingrays and horseshoe crabs. Then we went to see the Big Cats, prairie dogs and sun bear. Kaitlynn and Brandon played by Lakeside Cafe. Kaitlynn and Brandon suckered Hanna into buying them stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear. Kaitlynn got a small penguin.

We had a great night, but look forward to the band being on the larger stage in the regular area.

Post-Op Visit

Kaitlynn had a follow-up / post-op appointment with her pediatric dentist. He asked how she was doing and checked her teeth, mainly the cavity sites. He said her teeth looked good and that she was brushing and flossing good. I asked him how we can keep her teeth healthy if the cavities were due to genetics. He said to brush, floss and keep her away from fruit snacks. Of course limit juice and candy, too. I sure hope we never have to go through another procedure like we did last month (with getting her cavities fixed). Kaitlynn did great at the dentist, sitting in the chair and letting him look at her teeth. She got 2 stickers and a pencil. They were out of toys (and waiting for them to come in).

When we got home, a package was waiting for us on the porch. I opened it and was happily surprised that it was Laura Bush's new book "Spoken from the Heart." I ordered it, but wasn't supposed to get it until the end of the month. Then we opened the mail and Kaitlynn got a book, too. At her last pediatrician's visit, she loved the book "Piggy Visits the Doctor." I ordered it for her. She was so happy that it was hers to keep. We read it over and over. Then daddy had to read it over and over. Kaitlynn knows the book pretty well. I love when she reads it to us. She does a pretty good job reading it (just from memory and in her own words).

I won a copy of Sarah McLachlan's new CD, "Laws of Illusion." I had to be the first to comment with my favorite Sarah McLachlan song. I responded "I Will Remember You" and won! I can't wait to get it.

We went looking for a few swimsuits for Kaitlynn since she only has one. We figure she should have a couple since she is taking swim lessons and we are most likely going to get a subdivision pool pass. We bought 1 swimsuit and ended up buying several dresses. My girl loves dresses!

New Play Area

A few weeks ago Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to South County Mall to check out their new play area. First, Kaitlynn had to take a ride on the ice cream truck. These rides aren't near the play area, but we had to pass them because of where we parked. I think she is getting out of the phase where it is fun to just sit on the rides. She now wants us to put money in the them! And she will stay on them!
Kaitlynn had fun at the new play area and didn't want to leave because she said she met some new friends.

Kaitlynn stayed at MawMaw's for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Dave and I attended a dinner at church. We had a great dinner. God is doing some awesome things there!
Dave went to pick up Kaitlynn from MawMaw's. MawMaw showed Kaitlynn the gift she bought for Annabelle. Kaitlynn said she needed to open it for Annabelle. MawMaw told her that if she opened it, she would have to keep it. Kaitlynn asked if she would be mad at her and MawMaw said no (of course). Then she asked if I would be mad at her. MawMaw told her no. So now she has a new baby doll. She loves this doll. It came with a pacifier, cup, bottle and a bear. The doll's hands are magnetic so it can hold the bottle, cup and bear.

First Swim Lesson

Kaitlynn started her first swim class a few weeks ago. It's a parent - child class. Kaitlynn, Dave, MawMaw and I went extremely excited and a little nervous. We have been wanting to put Kaitlynn in swim lessons for a while, but just never got around to signing her up. Kaitlynn doesn't really like swimming pools. By the end of the class, we couldn't get her out of the pool! Success!!!!

Annabelle's 4th Birthday

June 6th Kaitlynn, Dave and I attended Annabelle's 4th birthday party. The party was held at a park in South County. The theme was the Wonder Pets. We ate lunch almost immediately after everyone arrived. Then it was time for the cake (which my cousin made), presents, and the pinata. After getting the birthday party business out of the way, the kids were free to go to the playground. Kaitlynn had a fun time playing with Annabelle and her friends. Dave and I had a fun time watching them, chatting and holding baby Alayna (Annabelle's little sister). We hung around after everyone left to chat with Mike and Cynthia while Kaitlynn and Annabelle played. We also helped them clean up and load things in their cars.
Later, Kaitlynn played with the neighbor girls. Dave and I talked to Kris and her husband while the girls played. We are thinking of getting a membership to the subdivision pool this year. That way Kaitlynn could play with the girls, Dave and I could hang out with the neighbors.

Picnic, Church and GNO

June 5th Dave, Kaitlynn and I attended a Retirement Center Picnic. This picnic had a petting zoo, pony rides, games, train ride, face painting, balloon animals and lunch.

Kaitlynn had a couple of pony rides. She loved petting the baby geese. The lady even let Kaitlynn go in the cage to play with the geese. She also pet the sheep, donkey, alpaca, rabbit, hen, calf and other pony. We rode the train (that went up and down the street). She played some games: duck pond, bowling and bean bag toss and won some prizes (sunglasses, bubbles, keychain, candy, etc). We ate lunch. Kaitlynn got her face painted (a butterfly on her cheek), but when the clown put glitter on it, it got in her eyes and she freaked out. She ended up wiping it off. It was a really hot and sticky day, so I am sure the sweat and glitter didn't feel good in her eyes!
We went to church that late afternoon / early evening. Kaitlynn said she didn't want to go, but as soon as we got there, she was ready for class. She was just tired from the picnic. When I came to get Kaitlynn after class, she was sitting at a table coloring with some other kids and one of the teachers. I think she must like hanging around the teachers, which I think is fine. She immediately told me their Bible story: Jonah got ate by a big fish and then was spit out. The memory verse for the week: "Children obey your parents" Colossians 3:20. They played in a pool / whale ball pit (among other things). She had her usual cup of hot (warm) chocolate and we had to get going.
I went to an Easy & Elegant Dinner Party at my friend Heather's. It was Heather's birthday, but she was hosting a House Party with Calphalon & Williams-Sonoma. It was a small group of us: Amanda, Ashley, Pam, Kit, and Colleen. We had so much fun chatting, drinking, eating and getting a tour of Heather's house (that her husband built). I can't wait to get together with these ladies again some time soon.

Mid Rivers and The Usual Suspects

June 4th Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to Mid Rivers Mall for the MLM Playdate. I thought we were doing good by getting there 5-10 minutes early. I was wrong. The line to see Dora the Explorer was to the other end of the mall. The line to "check in" was outrageous, too. By the time we got up to the table, the kids bags were gone (given away). Bummer! We got in line to get a balloon, stickers and cookies. Kaitlynn got a Diego sticker, a Stride Rite sticker, a pink balloon and a couple cookies. We got in line to do the pretzel rolling, but Kaitlynn had to go to the bathroom. Perfect timing too - we were next in line! Oh well! After the bathroom break, we decided to skip the pretzel rolling because the line was ridiculously long (and not moving). We decided to decorate a cookie. While waiting in line, we met up with our friends Trisha, Kylie and Ava. Kaitlynn and Kylie decorated a cookie together.

After lunch, we went shopping. We also made a trip to the pet shop. Kaitlynn (and MawMaw) just had to see this little teacup chihuahua. Kaitlynn did not want to give him back and left the store crying.
Later that evening Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. A band called The Usual Suspects were playing. Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep after we first arrived. We decided to eat dinner while waiting for her to fully wake up. After dinner we ran into some old friends. Hanna and Adam also met us there. We also saw our friends Emily, Christopher, Ella and Beatrice. Kaitlynn suckered MawMaw into getting her a bear from Build-A-Bear, then suckered Hanna into getting her a penguin. Spoiled!! It was a fun evening with great music, fun company and good conversation.

Rash Update

June 1st, I took Kaitlynn to the pediatrician for her rash / bumps - possible side effects to the Amoxicillin. When we pulled up to the pediatrician's office building, Kaitlynn said, "This is the right doctor. They have a fish tank. They give me a cookie and sticker." She saw a different pediatrician, since her regular one was on vacation. She did fine, just refused to talk to him. Since Kaitlynn wasn't used to him, he asked me to hold her on my lap while he examined her. He said that we should stop the Amoxicillin (therefore also stopping the Benadryl). He said that the rash could be from the Amoxicillin, but it could also be from a virus. This way we would know. He didn't feel she needed the Amoxicillin for the virus. He said that if the rash came back, wait it out a few days, but if the fever came back to call them. He said that in the future if she is put on Amoxicillin that I should remind them about her reaction and she should be watched closely the first several days while on it. Kaitlynn was so excited not to have to take any more medication. She screamed "Yeah" and was jumping all around. She was so happy and excited to get a cookie and sticker. She always asks so politely, but then never eats the cookie!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day

Monday the redness and bumps on Kaitlynn's face were gone, until we gave her a dose of Amoxicillin, so we gave her some Benadryl. We met some friends at the Greek Festival for lunch. While standing in the food line, Dave and I noticed that both of Kaitlynn's arms had bumps on them (as well as redness and bumps on her cheeks). It dawned on us at that moment that she might be allergic to the Amoxicillin. Dave is allergic to Amoxicillin. We decided that there wasn't much we (or anyone) could do at that point, so we stayed for lunch (and dessert). Kaitlynn acted the same, fine most of the time but with moments of extreme irritability.

After lunch, we came home and I called the pediatrician's exchange. The nurse said that the redness and bumps was just a side effect. She said it was harmless. She told us to continue giving Benadryl if she was itching. She said the irritability was a side effect to taking Amoxicillin as well. She also told us that Kaitlynn could actually receive a higher dose of Benadryl than what we were giving her. She recommended calling the pediatrician in the morning to get Kaitlynn checked out.

I did read the prescription information that came with the Amoxicillin, but Kaitlynn had taken it before and not had a reaction or any side effects, so we definitely weren't expecting a reaction.

We decided to continue with the Amoxicillin but give it with the proper dose of Benadryl. That seemed to help Kaitlynn. She was able to rest and take a nap.
Monday was also Hanna's birthday. We met Hanna, Adam and MawMaw at Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate.

Eckert's Memorial Day Festival

Sunday, we went to church.
Kaitlynn enjoyed her class.
She couldn't wait to fill the hummingbird feeder with food so we could hang it outside.
She had to take some pictures of mommy and daddy preparing lunch.
MawMaw, Kaitlynn, Dave and I went to Eckert's for their Memorial Day Festival. Kaitlynn had fun riding on the airplanes, riding 3 ponies, feeding 2 zebu, a camel and goats, playing in the sand box, riding a tricycle and taking a train ride. She loved pushing the kiddie cart around the market. We had a good dinner at the Country Restaurant and delicious frozen custard at the Custard Shop.

Kaitlynn's cheeks were red and had bumps on them for most of the day. We didn't notice any bumps on her arms. We decided to get some Benadryl, as the pediatric dentist suggested. She was still acting extremely irritable at times. However, she still wanted to go and do things. She didn't want to stay home and most of the time seemed like she was feeling well enough to go out. The Benadryl seemed to help with the redness and bumps.

Greek Festival

Saturday early, early morning Kaitlynn woke up with a 101 temperature. Children's Tylenol brought the temperature down. Kaitlynn was fine the rest of the day, again almost bouncing off the walls. We decided to go to the Greek Festival for dinner. The pediatric dentist called to check on Kaitlynn. I told him she was doing much better and wasn't running a fever anymore. We noticed that the redness on her cheeks was back and there was even some bumps on her cheeks. We assumed it was from the surgical tape and the heat. We were only in the heat a short amount of time (though). Dave saw a few bumps on her left arm, but we weren't sure what they could be from and kind of brushed it off. She seemed to be feeling fine, just a little irritable. We ate dinner, listened to music and watched some Greek children dance. Kaitlynn had fun taking pictures of Dave and me with the camera. We ate dessert and then Kaitlynn said she was ready to go home. She continued to seem fine with the exception of being irritable.

Short trip to the Zoo

Last Friday at midnight, Kaitlynn woke up very warm and crying. The ear thermometer we use for her wouldn't work - dead batteries. And they are special batteries, so of course we didn't have any! I couldn't get the other thermometers to register under her arm because she was crying and they just wouldn't take her temperature. We gave her a dose of Children's Motrin and it took the possible fever away. later that morning the surgery center called to check on her and I told them she seemed to be doing well, but did wake up warm, but Motrin took care of it. Late that morning / early that afternoon, Kaitlynn complained of her head hurting, so she took some Children's Tylenol. It seemed to do the trick.
She was fine the rest of the day, bouncing off the walls, so we decided to pack up some sandwiches for dinner and go to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. Kaitlynn said she wanted to see the giraffes first, so as we were headed over that way, she got distracted by the ducks. She likes to watch them in the water. When we were finally able to pull her away from duck watching, we went into the new Zootenial Exhibit. Dave and I thought it was pretty cool, but Kaitlynn did not and was ready to leave. I think this is probably when she started to feel bad, but didn't tell us. Instead she started getting cranky and we thought she was just tired and /or hot. It was a really warm day! We saw the big cats, zebras, giraffes and donkeys. When she saw the donkeys, she told Dave and me that Jesus had a donkey. We told her that Jesus did ride on a donkey. We went through the Flight Cage and she rode the carousel. Then she said she wasn't feeling good. She said her stomach and head were hurting her. Her cheeks were really red. The pediatric dentist said that her cheeks might get red / break out from the surgical tape (holding the breathing tube in place). It seemed to be a combination of that and probably more so that she was flushed. We decided to find a nice shady spot or a nice cool building to eat dinner at. Kaitlynn decided that she needed to go home. Kaitlynn wanting to leave the Zoo is a big deal. She loves the Zoo and would stay there all day and all night if she could. I immediately became worried and started thinking something must have gone wrong with the dental procedure and / or with the sedation.

We got her home and she wanted to take a shower. She stayed in the shower for about 30+ minutes, just letting the water hit her. Her tummy was a little hard. She was complaining with her stomach and head hurting. We took her temperature and it was 102.1, so we gave her some Children's Tylenol. Almost an hour later and her temperature was 102.5. I called her pediatric dentist's cell phone and told him what was going on. He said that he didn't think her symptoms had to do with the procedure, especially since she wasn't complaining of her teeth or ears hurting. He said she probably caught a virus and prescribed some Amoxicillin. Within a half an hour we had the Amoxicillin and gave Kaitlynn her first dose. Her temperature started coming down (100.5) and she was able to get some sleep.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dental Surgery

Last Thursday morning was Kaitlynn's dental surgery / procedure. She had 5 cavities filled and had to be sedated because of the location of the cavities and because it would be too traumatic to do under general anesthesia.

Kaitlynn couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight on Wednesday. She was still asleep when it was time for us to leave and since we were told to bring her in her pajamas, we just scooped her up and put her in her car seat. She slept in the car the whole way there. She woke up when we arrived. While waiting in the waiting area, Kaitlynn played with the camera on Dave's cell phone. She didn't ask for anything to drink or eat, which we were worried about. We were taken back to a room a little while later. Kaitlynn was excited about the surgery center bed and got right in it. She said "my bed!" The nurse brought her a warm blanket and she was set. Kaitlynn and the nurse put stickers on (heart monitor). The anesthesiologist came in to talk to us. He told us about the procedure and why sedation was the best route and that it was a common procedure. He also had to inform us that the procedure comes with some risks. He said that she would be out of it, asleep during the whole procedure. They would give her oxygen through her nose and she would have a breathing tube inserted down her throat. He said her nose may be bloody after the procedure due to the oxygen given to her through her nose. He said that her throat may be sore because of the breathing tube. He said that there was a small risk that she could stop breathing during the surgery, but they would be monitoring her very well and take all precautions necessary. At this point, I was trying not to loose it. I was already nervous about the procedure, but then to hear those words (aloud). To hear that she was going to be totally out, with a breathing tube and that there was a small risk that she could stop breathing was almost too much for me. I just started praying silently for God to give me strength while in front of Kaitlynn. I just kept praying over and over. The anesthesiologist said that she would wake up crying and cranky because she wouldn't have anything to compare this experience too. She has never felt this way before (to be coming out of sedation) and it would cause her to cry and be cranky out of confusion. He said that Kaitlynn should do fine since she is a healthy child.

Another nurse brought some liquid medication for Kaitlynn to take. It was to help relax her and also contained Tylenol. We changed Kaitlynn into a Looney Tunes children's gown. The nurses gave Kaitlynn a pink teddy bear. Kaitlynn also brought a Barney stuffed toy that Brandon gave her a few nights before. Once the leads were put on the heart monitors, I got in bed with Kaitlynn and just held her. We watched Sesame Street. The pediatric dentist came in to see how Kaitlynn was doing and to see if we had any questions before the procedure. Another nurse and the anesthesiologist nurse came in the room to bring Kaitlynn a mask. It smelled like cherries. They asked Kaitlynn what she named her new teddy bear. Kaitlynn told them "Teddy, Teddy Bear." (Duh?!) They asked Kaitlynn if she wanted to help them blow up a big green balloon. She said she did. So they wheeled her bed down the hall. We followed the bed. Kaitlynn did awesome. She didn't cry for us. In fact, one of the nurses had to pick her up from the bed to carry her into the OR and she didn't look back for us or cry. She was comfortable. Thank You God for that sweet blessing. If she would have been crying and clinging to us, I don't know what I would have done.

The other nurses kept telling me she would be OK and that they would take care of her, as we went out to the waiting room. The waiting (while the surgery was going on) made me more sick than the waiting before surgery. A nurse came out to tell us that they just started the procedure and it would take about an hour. She said Kaitlynn was asleep and went down well. At that point, I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and cry and have a talk with Jesus. I prayed that Kaitlynn would make it through the procedure and that everyone of the staff that came in contact with her would have the knowledge and skill to keep her safe. I prayed for strength to get through the waiting. I prayed and prayed. God gave me the strength to be able to calm down. I felt an almost easiness come over me and I was able to watch the news and read some of the book I brought. Dave commented that he was proud of me. I asked for what. He said for being strong and not falling apart. I appreciated his kindness. I also appreciated my friend Nikki's kindness and support. She texted me throughout the procedure to see how we were doing and for news about Kaitlynn. She reminded me of how strong I am and that I have been through a lot recently, but I would remain strong because that is what Kaitlynn needed me to do. Her words were very helpful.

About an hour later, the pediatric dentist came out and told us that they were done and everything went fine. He said that she was awake but pretty cranky. I basically ran down the hall to her room, especially after hearing her cries. The nurses were attending to her. Kaitlynn was crying and trying to move while half asleep. They had padding over the bed rails to ensure she didn't hurt herself. She was kind of flailing about. They took her blood pressure and took the pads off one side of the rails so I could lay with her. I got in bed and held her and much as I could (with the monitor leads and IV). She kept crying on and off and saying "mama". It broke my heart to see her this way, but I was so thankful that she was OK. They monitored her for a bit longer and then took her off the monitors so I could hold her in the chair. Her nose was a little bloody. She kept pressing her right wrist up against my body and making the IV bleed. The nurse said she could take the IV out if Kaitlynn could take a sip of juice and keep it down. Kaitlynn took a sip, so the nurse was able to take the IV out. Kaitlynn fought her while she was taking it out. She was bleeding pretty badly, so the nurse and I were trying to get Kaitlynn to let us put some pressure on it. I was finally able to calm Kaitlynn down. She was just crying on and off, groggy, cranky, a little agitated and confused. The nurse put some gauze and tape on it and said that there would probably be a bruise there, but not to worry about it. The nurse said Kaitlynn was mad at her because she was the one that had to give Kaitlynn the yucky medicine. (The IV was put in after she was asleep - thankfully.) We watched Barney while the nurses kept checking in on us and monitoring her from outside the room. The anesthesiologist nurse kept talking about how cute Kaitlynn is. The anesthesiologist came by to make sure she was doing well. The nurse gave Kaitlynn a Winnie the Pooh puzzle and told her when she was feeling better she could put it together. We stayed in recovery for about 45 minutes. The nurse said Kaitlynn would probably feel better once she was at home. Kaitlynn had started waking up a bit and watching Barney while laying in my lap. Barney was at the beach and Kaitlynn started crying, saying that she wanted to go to the beach. I was ready to book a trip for later that day for us!! Kaitlynn said she was ready to go home, so we left (since everyone was comfortable with that decision). While in the recovery room, Dave called MawMaw to let her know Kaitlynn was OK.

In the car, Kaitlynn asked "What did the doctor do to me?" We told her that he took care of her teeth and that she didn't have to think about it anymore, just to relax. Then once we got close to home, she said "Hey, I thought we were watching Sesame Street? Where's my bracelet?" She wanted her surgery center bracelet back on. It was a little big on her and fell off. I put it back on her. We got home and I put her in our bed to rest and snuggle with. The dentist and nurses said she would probably sleep for about 2 hours when she came home and just to keep her calm and watch her if she wanted to get up and play. She was ready to start playing immediately! We put her new Winnie the Pooh puzzle together and she ate a popsicle while waiting for Dave to bring her a Diego DVD home. Once Dave got home with the DVD, she ate noodles and chili mac and was still ready to play. A few hours later, Dave took her to get milkshakes from Steak n Shake (we were hoping she would fall asleep in the car). The nurse said it was best to give her popsicles, ice cream and milk shakes unless she wanted other things. While in the drive thru, she told Dave she wanted a toy, so he got the milkshakes and then went by McDonald's to get her a Happy Meal. She ate a few bites of the hamburger and a few fries. Later they went for a walk and she fell asleep in her stroller (for 2 hours). She seemed to feel fine the rest of the day and didn't need any pain medication. Her voice was a little raspy or low (from the breathing tube). Her little voice sounded like she didn't feel well and she didn't look to well through her eyes. She looked a little puffy, too. Most of that went away by the next day.

Kaitlynn has such a wise soul! We are so proud of our big, brave girl (as we always are)! Another sort of "accomplishment" during the procedure / surgery is that she stayed dried. They said many kids urinate during the procedure.

Thank You God for our answered prayers, for Kaitlynn coming through the procedure well and not having any complications!

USA Cutie

Monday (the 24th) MawMaw was discharged from the hospital. Yeah!
Our USA Cutie! Wednesday the 25th, she had so much fun at MawMaw's watering her flowers and vegetable garden. MawMaw planted tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber and green bell pepper. It was important to us that Kaitlynn see her MawMaw before her dental surgery / procedure the next day. I also sent out emails and text messages asking for prayers.

Swing Around Fun Town

Saturday the 22nd we went to a birthday party at Swing Around Fun Town. Kaitlynn had a blast! We were there for almost 6 hours! She first explored the games inside and then we went outside. She rode the kiddie go carts, then rode the go carts with daddy. Their ride was cut short because she wasn't too fond of how fast they were going. Kaitlynn and daddy rode the bumper boats. Kaitlynn didn't like that ride either. She kept trying to get up. Later we realized she didn't like it because she couldn't reach the squirter over Dave's legs. We played miniature golf and then did the bumper boats again. This time Kaitlynn rode with me and daddy rode in a separate bumper boat. Kaitlynn had a blast! She loved going after daddy to squirt him and squirting the other boys! We rode the boats like 5 times in a row. We were absolutely drenched. Kaitlynn and daddy played another round of miniature golf and went to the batting cages.

We went to visit MawMaw at the hospital (in our drenched clothes). MawMaw was doing well.

Going to be a Doctor

Several weeks ago, I attended my last Bible study class. I learned so much from this class and I loved learning about The Bible with this group. What a wonderful learning environment! A place to ask questions and really start to understand The Word.
Kaitlynn and I went up to the hospital to visit MawMaw. Dave met us up there after work. MawMaw was doing well. Kaitlynn loved being up at the hospital. MawMaw was on the same floor as her last hospitalization so she had the same nurses and techs. Kaitlynn had lots of "friends" there (from before). As we were walking down the hall to visit MawMaw, she told me that she was going to be a doctor. We wouldn't be surprised!
Before we left for the hospital, I told her to look in the mirror to see how she looked and she said "I look beautiful!" I love her confidence! BTW, she did look beautiful and was told that by almost everyone that passed her in the hospital.

Doctors Appointments and ER

One day last month, we had a busy day of doctors appointments. We took MawMaw to an appointment, in which her doctor said she needed to go to the ER that evening and be admitted to the hospital. Kaitlynn had her pre-surgery appointment with her pediatrician. The pediatrician checked Kaitlynn's heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and listened to her lungs. She said she was confident Kaitlynn could go through the procedure / surgery without any problems. Between appointments, we had lunch and let Kaitlynn play in the play area at Burger King.

Hanna and Adam watched Kaitlynn so Dave and I could attend our last class at church. We met some really cool people that we hope to continue to stay in contact with. After getting home from class, I took MawMaw to the ER and she was admitted to the hospital.

Zoo Friends Day and MLM at Eckert's

Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Zoo. It was wet and a little rainy, but we handled it because we wanted to take advantage of Zoo Friends Day. A little rain did not discourage people from going to the Zoo, especially Zoo Members. I guess we all wanted to enjoy "our" day. Something new this year at The Caribbean Cove, which opened last year, is that they have horseshoe crabs in with the stingrays. Kaitlynn wouldn't pet the stingrays because of them splashing her last year (and couldn't reach the horseshoe crabs). That really scared her of putting her hands in the water now. Kaitlynn was totally cracking us up as we were near Big Cat Country and the zebras. She was walking around (with her backpack on) singing "I'm an animal doctor for my pets, my pets" over and over. Each time getting louder and louder until she was almost screaming it to the top of her lungs. It was just so funny! The song is from Barney's Animal ABCs and is actually "The vet is an animal doctor...". Kaitlynn saw her first sea lion show, which she really enjoyed. It was so cool to see them up close. They really are like dogs, as the keeper said.

Then we went to Eckert's for strawberry picking with All the kids got to pick a pint of strawberries for free. Kaitlynn enjoyed picking strawberries, actually eating strawberries (once she fully woke up). Every time I would put one in her little tray, she would eat it! She did do a little picking, but mainly eating. They were delicious! After strawberry picking, we enjoyed some yummy frozen custard, then went to Eckert's market. Kaitlynn had fun pushing her own little cart around the market and even had her own bottle of Sparkling Cider.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday, we went to Botanical Garden and Grant's Farm for the first time this year. Botanical Garden has a dino exhibit. Kaitlynn was excited to look around the Garden for dinosaurs, even though there were only 2 exhibits (unless you actually went through the paid exhibit). We walked around the Garden and Kaitlynn fed the Koi fish. She loved feeding them. Then we walked around some more. Kaitlynn enjoyed taking pictures. At one point, she was actually taking a picture of every step she took. It was so funny! At the Botanical Garden, it was pretty windy, but thankfully the sun was out almost the entire time we were there. We went to lunch at the Bread Co. and then went to Grant's Farm. At Grant's Farm it was pretty chilly and windy. The sun wasn't out as much, but we still had a good time. Kaitlynn and Dave spent quite a while with the goats. First, Kaitlynn tried feeding them through the fence because she didn't want to go in the pen. Eventually, her and Dave went in the pen and after spending about a half an hour with the goats, they were finally able to get a few goats to drink from the bottles of milk. I guess the goats were very full from being fed by all of the people visiting. Kaitlynn rode the carousel and we looked at the other animals. Kaitlynn said the elephant was talking to her. When asked what about, she said something about the water. She had a snow cone, while Dave and I had our 2 samples of AB products. Yum! We walked around the stable and then headed home.

Mother's Day Declaration
I wanted you before you were born. I loved you when you were born, I saw your face and I knew that I was in love. Before you were an hour old, I knew I would die for you. To this day, I will. This is the miracle of life.
This came from a friend on facebook.

A Mother
When you're a child she walks before you,
To set an example.
When you're a teenager she walks behind you
To be there should you need her.
When you're an adult she walks beside you
So that as two friends you can enjoy life together..
Author Unknown

Sunday we had Kaitlynn dedicated at our church. What a special way to celebrate Mother's Day! To honor God that way and to make a commitment to raise her in the church community was so amazing. I look forward to the day that she is old enough to make the decision on her own that Jesus Christ is her Savior and she wants to be baptized.
Our families met us at church for the service. Dave, Kaitlynn and I had a family photo taken. We helped our families find seating. Then we waited in the lobby with the rest of the parents and children being dedicated. We talked with our dedication mentor couple. They were so supportive to us on Sunday. All of the dedication families processed in and stood in front of the church. Our lead pastor talked about what dedication is. Then our associate pastor introduced all of us to the church community. We were given a moment of prayer, where our families were able to come stand with us and pray with us. Our mentor couple said a prayer with us and our families. What a powerful moment!
We took Kaitlynn to her class and went back to service. After service, we sat outside of church with our families and talked. Kaitlynn had fun opening her gift from Hanna and Adam.
We went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. After lunch MawMaw gave Kaitlynn a present. It was a beautiful cross frame that says "Bless this child."

First Week of May

May 1st marked our Engagement Anniversary. 6 years ago, Dave came to my apartment dressed in a nice suit and had my favorite car waiting in the parking lot (a black Jaguar). We drove to Creve Coeur Park, where he gave me a rose and got down on one knee and proposed. It was amazing! Then we drove around to our families' houses telling them. Our parents already knew. I was so glad that Dave respected my family enough to call and ask my dad for his permission to marry me / at least let him know that he was going to propose to me. That evening our parents threw a party for us. It was such a special day and evening. About a month later we had a "formal" Engagement party that was held at a park.
Looking back at these pictures, really brings back memories. I can't believe how young we all were. My nieces and nephews were so little, they ranged from 4 to 13 years old. Dave was 25 and I was 26. What special memories, even though it seems like a lifetime ago!

May 5th marked 2 years of my dad's passing. I still can't believe that he is gone. I still sometimes think "Oh, I have to call him to tell him about..." Other times, I think "I wish he were here to see Kaitlynn..." Actually, there is not a day that goes by that I don't wish he was still here. I have finally stopped begging God to bring him back to us and almost stopped questioning God as to why he took my dad and not someone else. That is a question that I will not know this side of eternity. I cling to the fact that I know one day I will see him again. We will be reunited. I know he is better off, but it doesn't stop the fact that it still hurts. It is an emptiness in my heart, a piece of me that is missing. I have faith in God everyday that He will give me the strength to go on. I thank God for Kaitlynn and Dave because without them I don't know if I could face days like May 5th, Father's Day, October 5th (his birthday) and all the other holidays. They make me realize that life has to go on. We were never promised forever here on earth, but we are promised eternal life if we believe and trust in Jesus.

On Cinco de Mayo, Kaitlynn played outside with the dogs. I cut some flowers from our Peony "garden". We have white and pink ones. They are one of my favorite flowers. Later we made a Mexican fiesta. We had spinach and cheese (and chicken on Dave and Kaitlynn's) quesadillas, rice and refried beans. Kaitlynn had sparkling grape juice. Dave and I had margaritas. We enjoyed a fire in the chiminea. It was a fun night at home!

Kaitlynn's last Kids in the Kitchen class theme was Cinco de Mayo. First the kids made covers for their recipe / cookbooks. They decorated the covers with pictures taken in the class by the teacher's assistant. Inside the cookbooks, were recipes from each week of the class. At circle time, after singing the usual songs, the teacher read a book about vegetables. Then it was time for the kids to wash their hands, set their places and get cooking. They made root beer floats, tacos, chicken tortilla soup, pudding and guacamole dip. Kaitlynn liked the root beer float and the taco. She refused to try the soup, pudding or dip. I liked the dip and I am not a fan of guacamole dip. The pudding was good also. Kaitlynn brought the soup home for Dave to eat, which he said was good.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rest of April

Kaitlynn made Annabelle and herself bracelets.
Kaitlynn and daddy made me a bracelet.

We went to the Baby Kid Expo in St. Charles. I worked at the MomsLikeMe booth for a few hours, while Dave and Kaitlynn walked around. Kaitlynn got an elephant balloon made, got her face painted like a butterfly and had a flower balloon bracelet made.
(sorry these are blurry, they are from my cell and Kaitlynn wouldn't stand still)
eating kettle corn
While working at the booth / table, I got to see some friends from MLM and a fellow blogger. After working, Dave, Kaitlynn and I walked around together. We had a lot of fun.
After we got home, Kaitlynn played out in the yard. While Dave mowed the lawn, I vacuumed the house and Kaitlynn climbed the tree in our backyard. She also played with Mya and Leah.
After Kaitlynn went to bed, Dave and I had dinner outside by the chiminea. I love relaxing outside in the spring evenings with the chiminea going!

Kaitlynn, Aidan and I met Eileen, Gabe and Merci at the Children's Zoo. The kids had fun seeing and petting a tortoise and a snake. We went through River's Edge where we saw a rhino, hippos, hyenas, a cheetah, and the elephants. We stopped for lunch, then went to the Jungle of the Apes. We saw them being fed. Kaitlynn and Gabe played in the misters and afterwards Kaitlynn said "It was like taking a shower. A shower with Gabe." I looked at Eileen and we just smiled and laughed. We saw the penguins, puffins and bears. The kids had a good time running around and seeing the animals. It was a beautiful day for the Zoo!

We adopted an 8 week old puppy. Kaitlynn fell in love with him at the Expo. Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to pick him up from his foster family. He is just adorable! His name is Lever (like the soap) and he is a terrier.
Why are there 3 dogs in these pictures, you ask? MawMaw has been having trouble taking care of Sassy (her puggle) since getting out of the hospital, so we brought her home to take care of her for MawMaw. Kaitlynn loves Sassy.
Bailey and Sassy get along really well, too. She has done well in our home.
Sassy and Lever get along really well. Bailey is not so much into Lever. It will just take time for her to get used to him. Lever is going to be a big boy - probably about 50lbs!

Kaitlynn attended her Kids in the Kitchen class. They made Fred Bird hats, had circle time, sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" and then got started on cooking.
They shredded cheese for nachos, counted out the number of peanuts that corresponded to their age and cracked them, made caramel popcorn, put ketchup and relish on their hotdogs and made a slushie. Kaitlynn did great in class this week! At the end of class, all the kids wore their Fred Bird hats along with their teacher and had a picture taken. It was so cute!
Kaitlynn and I came home and took the dogs out. Lever loves our big backyard! Then Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's. We took MawMaw to the mall to get her out of the house and walking around.

Kaitlynn had an activity at her school called On The Go. Different vehicles were there for the kids to explore like a police car, paramedics, mail truck, water patrol, caterpillar and fire truck. You could also take a school bus ride and see a helicopter land. Kaitlynn enjoyed the school bus ride. She was a little apprehensive about checking out some of the cars / trucks. She loved the police dog, Ola and learning about what she does.
Lever loves it outside. We had Bailey, Sassy and Lever outside most of the day. Kaitlynn loves running around with them.
Kaitlynn attended her friend's birthday party.

Kaitlynn had fun playing with the dogs. Hanna and Adam came over to watch Kaitlynn, so Dave and I could go to church. Kaitlynn has so much fun with Hanna and Adam. Kaitlynn and Adam usually play Yahtzee Jr. together.

Kaitlynn's P.A.T. Educator came over. This was Kaitlynn's first 3 year old visit. They played a dice game that involved counting and turn taking. They did some more counting activities with cheerios.
Kaitlynn had fun playing with Lever outside.
I went out for a M.N.O. with one of the playgroup's were are involved with. There were 6 of us that were able to make it out. Last year there were more like 13 of us. We had pedicures / manicures and then went to The Cheesecake Factory for drinks and dessert. It was a fun night!

Kaitlynn, Aidan and I met Gail, Parker, Leah, Ryan, Stacy, Sophie, Camden and the twins (our CBW Playgroup) at the Zoo. We were hoping that the rain was going to hold off until late afternoon. We were wrong. As soon as we headed out of The Living World, we started feeling sprinkles. We took cover in the Penguin and Puffin Cove (and gift shop). The rain let up and we headed over to the Jungle of the Apes. We got stuck there and were luckily under a covering. We went to the Primate House and Reptile House, ate lunch and then went to Zoomagination Station.
Kaitlynn and Aidan playing at Zoomagination Station.
Dave and I went on a Date Night at a church. We listened to Michael O'Brien and heard his love story (for Jesus and his wife). There was a surprise visit from Deidre Pujols. Albert and Deidre contacted Michael to sing at the renewing of their vows. Deidre wrote a song with Michael for that occasion. It was a wonderful night of great music, great speakers and worship!
Kaitlynn was so excited that Hanna came over to stay with her. She was a little upset that Adam couldn't come. But still had a blast with Hanna, as usual.

We went to an event for Dave's work. They had a bounce house and face painting for the kids. Kaitlynn had StL painted on one hand for the Cardinals and Elmo on the other hand.
Then we went to a Kidgit's event at the mall called Little Planet Helpers. Kaitlynn received a tree sapling and got to spin the wheel. She planted Sweet Basil seeds and danced with the girls from Radio Disney. We ate lunch at Chevy's and walked around the mall.
That evening we went to church. Kaitlynn said she learned about praying and showed us how she prays.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


First let me start by saying "Jesus has risen! He has risen indeed!"

We woke up early and had an Easter egg hunt around our house after getting dressed. Kaitlynn got her Easter basket from us. We went out for breakfast to a nice little cafe, which was awesome. We went to church. What an amazing and uplifting worship service. The music and the teaching were so amazing! What a great way to worship Jesus! After hanging out at church, we went up to the hospital and had lunch with MawMaw and Hanna. It seemed to take forever for MawMaw to get discharged. We went to her house and started cooking Easter supper. What a delicious supper! We were truly thankful this Easter as we remembered what Easter was truly about - Jesus dying for our sins and rising from the dead. We were also so thankful for getting to spend it with our family that we love so much and that are so supportive of us.

Kaitlynn had fun painting with her new Mickey and Minnie Mouse paint set and making a chocolate bunny hutch. She loved hanging out with the family, especially her cousins.

Egg Hunt

Saturday, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a lot of fun! Kaitlynn found a big egg and won an Easter basket filled with lots of candy.

Later, we went to visit MawMaw at the hospital. She was doing better.

Dying Eggs

Friday, we dyed Easter eggs. Kaitlynn did a pretty great job this year. She was very into dying eggs - decorating them, putting them in the dye and decorating with stickers after they were dyed.

April Fool's

I took Kaitlynn to her Kids in the Kitchen class. There are a lot of kids in that class and most of them are 4 or 5 years old. The theme was Foolish Foods.
Kaitlynn fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. We visited MawMaw in the hospital.
Kaitlynn was pretending to be MawMaw's doctor. She was asking her what was wrong and what hurt.

We met daddy and Hanna at home and went to Bread Co for dinner. Hanna hung out with Kaitlynn while Dave and I attended the Good Friday Experience at our church. It was an amazing experience and really put things into perspective.

In Hospital

Monday, March 29th I ran some errands for MawMaw. She had the scope procedure done and called soon after to say she was doing well. When I saw the phone number from the hospital appear on my cell about an hour after the procedure started, I got very nervous. It was MawMaw saying that she was out of the procedure, awake and feeling fine! They also checked her heart again and said her heart was still doing great. The chest x-ray was better, too.
Kaitlynn played outside with a friend, but then had to come in to take a nap (since she was having a major meltdown). Later, Kaitlynn and Aidan played outside with friends.

Tuesday, Kaitlynn and I visited MawMaw at the hospital, then came home to babysit. We ran some errands and I went back up to the hospital that evening. They started PT on MawMaw to get her up walking around.

Wednesday, we ran some errands. We purchased MawMaw a new pair of pajamas to wear while in the hospital.

Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 28th we attended church. It was an awesome service.
In class, Kaitlynn received a palm and made a palm leaf.
I visited MawMaw at the hospital. They scheduled to do the scope procedure on Monday to try to identify the bacteria.

Pajama Party

Saturday, March 27th we attended a friend's 3rd Birthday Party. The theme was a Neverland (Peter Pan / Pirates) Pajama Party. This was Kaitlynn's first pajama party! Kaitlynn wore her Tinker Bell night gown along with her Princess slippers.

We went to visit MawMaw at the hospital. Her breathing / oxygen level was better. The lung specialist consulted with us. He said they may have to do a scope procedure.

Chipmunks - Early Easter Gift

Friday, March 26th, Kaitlynn played outside with Turtle. We also visited MawMaw in the hospital. They did a CT scan and more blood tests. The doctors said her lungs were very inflamed, especially her right lung and that they were bringing in a lung specialist.

Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Build-A-Bear, so Kaitlynn could get Brittany and Alvin. This was an early Easter gift. She had a lot of fun stuffing and bathing them!
We went back up to the hospital to show MawMaw her chipmunks.