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Saturday, March 14, 2009

There Really Are Cheetahs At The Zoo

Saturday morning Kaitlynn had her 2 year pictures at Portrait Innovations. They were wonderful. It was effortless to have her pictures taken there. The photographer really worked on building a relationship with Kaitlynn and let her help with taking pictures. She let Kaitlynn touch the camera. In Kaitlynn's book, you are alright if she can touch your camera. It was awesome to just get to watch a photo session and enjoy it. We really got to witness Kaitlynn's personality and love for life. How amazing! We were happy with all of the pictures taken, but of course couldn't purchase all of them. So after debating and then coming back to reality, we chose our 2 favorite poses. The great thing is we got the pictures today. We didn't have to wait several weeks for them. Yeah!!! Now I can finely send out Thank You cards for Kaitlynn's birthday gifts.

We went home and ate lunch, then went to pick up my mom to spend the afternoon at the Zoo. Kaitlynn fell asleep on the way there. As we were getting ready to drive to the Zoo, my mom noticed that Kaitlynn's cup (with a fruit smoothie) had exploded all over her. So we had to wake Kaitlynn up to take her in my mom's and change her clothes. Of course, I didn't bring an extra change of clothes, so we just put on clothes my mom had at her house.

It was a beautiful, windy day at the Zoo. The animals were out and we really enjoyed being outside and with each other. We saw the butterflies and then went to River's Edge. Almost all the animals at River's Edge were out. We saw the antelope, the rhino, the hog, the hippos, the hyenas, the cheetahs and the elephants. You rarely see the cheetahs, so it was awesome to finally see them out. I also didn't realize that they could be hidden so far back. Now I know where to look for them.
Julie told me about this cool place to view the hippos. It's one of my new favorite places at the Zoo (in particular, River's Edge).
Cheetahs really do exist at the Zoo!
My wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl enjoying the elephants and a day with me and my mom.
I rarely see the lioness. This professor at the Zoo was saying that sometimes she climbs up in a tree to watch the zebras and takes a nap.
The momma tiger and 4 of her babies.
We saw the zebras and giraffes. We talked to this really cool professor by the giraffes. Dave refers to him as Professor Hot Pants because my mom thought he was good looking. Anyway, he was telling us the most interesting stories about the animals. He also told us about going inside to the Antelope House. You can get up close to the giraffes and many other animals. It does stink, but is totally worth it.

Kaitlynn loves the prairie dogs. This one kept posing for me.
The peacocks got in with the prairie dogs to eat their food.
Kaitlynn loves playing with her feet in the car.
We had such a fabulous day at the Zoo. Dave and my mom get along so well and it's so nice to be able to spend so much time with them. Kaitlynn adores my mom and I am so happy we get to see her so much.

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