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Monday, March 2, 2009

Smart Little Girl

I just wanted to brag about Kaitlynn. She just turned 2 and can already count to 10 (with minimal assistance), knows her alphabet up to P (with minimal assistance), knows most colors (with minimal assistance) and knows some shapes (with minimal assistance). She actually started doing these things before she was 2. I just can't believe how smart she is. Of course, when I try to show off her geniusness, she doesn't play into it. She will ignore me or tease me. Dave likes to say that she "dances for no one". Kids are good at that though. They learn something and you are so excited to show others what they've learned and they refuse to play into it. She will count and do these things for my mom and sometimes Dave, so at least they know I am not making it up. She really can do these things. Her new favorite song is the Alphabet Song. She used to love Wheels on the Bus. She continues to love playing with her babies. Her new favorite baby doll is the one my mom bought her the night she got her staple. She says the dolls name is Amy. Although she has renamed her on a few occasions to Nain (Hasnain) and Niece (Denise - my sister). She has also started liking to put puzzles together (just within the last few months). She loves to dance and jump. Before she jumped by lifting one foot of f the ground then the other. Now she jumps by lifting both feet off the ground. She also sings songs. She has sung along to songs for awhile now, but she actually makes songs up now or remembers words from songs sung in class. Her vocabulary has always been strong, but she is saying everything. I don't know if there is a word that she won't or can't say (she may not pronounce it correctly, but she will try). She is such a joy (most days). She is already into the "why" stage. I thought that didn't start until 3, but she has already started asking the questions. She is feisty and completely wears me out. She can play games with the best of them! She is one smart cookie. That's my girl.

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