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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Monday Kaitlynn and I did some things around the house. I called a friend and had a really good and long conversation with her. You know sometimes I rely on email too much. After the phone call, I realized how important a phone call is, especially every now and then. I really enjoyed talking to her and catching up. We always have good phone conversations. I need to stop relying on email so much.

Kaitlynn and I had to turn some products in for a study we are doing. Then I had to take my traffic ticket to the lawyer. We went to the Dollar Store and then to my mom's work (preschool). Kaitlynn got to spend a few minutes with Elliott.

We went to my mom's where Kaitlynn and Sassy played outside. I got some really cute pictures of them. Kaitlynn has so much fun playing with Sassy. She loves that dog so much and that dog loves her too.

My mom watched Kaitlynn while I attended an Avon meeting. The meeting was good and I won some great stuff.

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Carolee said...

What great pics! And I see there are flowers there already. I'm envious-we had snow yesterday!