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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby and Kid Expo

Kaitlynn made it to Saturday afternoon without any more vomiting incidents, so my mom and I decided that it would be OK to go to the Baby and Kid Expo. My mom spent the night because we were planning on going to the expo all day. With Kaitlynn getting sick Friday, we weren't sure if we should go. Since she was felling fine Saturday afternoon, we decided to go. We got Kaitlynn a monogramed backpack. It's super cute! Kaitlynn made a butterfly, put her handprints on this paper with a really neat poem, and made a mask. Kaitlynn got to choose "flavors" for a free bottle of kid's shampoo. We chose banana split. It smells yummy! I bought Kaitlynn a really cute flower hair clippie. My mom bought Kaitlynn and me bracelets and me a pair of earrings. We ate lunch at the expo. We had a good time and Kaitlynn continued to feel well. Kaitlynn fell asleep on the way home and slept for several hours. As we took my mom home, we stopped to eat dinner at Bread Company. I am so happy that Kaitlynn is feeling better (and hasn't gotten diarrhea). She doesn't have much of an appetite yet, though.

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