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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Singing Songs

Friday morning while we were getting ready, Kaitlynn was singing a song she made up. She was singing "I'll see you when I see ya" over and over. It was really cute and funny. She loves to sing, mostly things she makes up. What a creative little girl!

We met with 2 SAHM from the ECC. I met them at the SAHM+D group I went to back in February at the ECC. We have been emailing since then and finally were able to meet up. Katie just became a SAHM about a month ago. She has an adoptive son named Luke (who will be 2 in July). Amy has 2 girls. Jane turned 2 in January and Abby was born in January. We met at the ECC in the Common Area.

Jane and Kaitlynn had an almost instant connection. They sang / played ring around the rosie, held hands, and kept hugging each other. They were total girls. I have never seen Kaitlynn act like such a girl before. It was so awesome, but also kind of sad. My little baby girl is growing up and turning into a big girl.

Even though Kaitlynn and Jane had fun and played (sometimes they would include Luke - but not often), Kaitlynn was in a mood. She was taking toys and throwing temper tantrums. She was mainly doing this with Luke and a few other kids there. I think she wasn't feeling well. She has a stopped up nose, yet it is really runny. I gave her Tylenol when we left the ECC, because I thought it might help her feel better.

We got home and ate lunch. Well, I ate lunch, Kaitlynn wouldn't eat. She did take a good nap. We waited for Whitney to come over. Whitney was kind of fussy, because she was tired. Once I was able to get her to sleep, she was better. I only watched her for 4 hours before Matt picked her up.

Dave, Kaitlynn and I ate dinner. I gave Kaitlynn a bath and Dave put her to bed.

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