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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Love Bug

Monday was Kaitlynn's 2nd birthday. Dave met Kaitlynn and me at Dr. Ayers' office for her 2 year check up. Kaitlynn was a little upset at the appointment. The nurse and Dr. Ayers said it was due to getting the staple in her head last Wednesday. She was just anxious or nervous about it. She is in the 75th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. She is 2 1/2 feet tall (I think) and about 27 or 28lbs. I don't have the sheet from the doctor in front of me and my memory is not so great right now. Kaitlynn had a hearing test done. Dr. Ayers was impressed when she asked about Kaitlynn's vocabulary. I told her Kaitlynn's longest sentence is "I'll be right back." She got a kick out of that. We talked about weaning, vitamins, time outs, tummy aches and staple removal. She said that I may want to just wean Kaitlynn cold turkey. She said some kids don't understand why they can nurse some times, but not all the time and they will start testing to see when it's OK to nurse. Regarding vitamins, we can either keep giving Kaitlynn the Poly Vi Sol drops or give her gummi bear vitamins. Time outs are appropriate for Kaitlynn, but no longer than 2 minutes. The key to time outs is to catch her right when she calms down and then time out is over. Dr. Ayers said she didn't think Kaitlynn's tummy aches were due to dairy or other food. She said to continue giving her the Children's Mylanta unless it starts becoming a daily need. She looked at Kaitlynn's scalp and said the staple was ready to come out. The laceration was healed up enough to remove the staple. It didn't take long to remove it and wasn't too bad. Kaitlynn screamed her head off because I told her the doctor wouldn't touch her head. I just love lying to my child! I hate when I tell her something like that and then it ends up not being true. I guess I could have not let them take it out, but if the staple didn't need to be in, then it should come out. I also didn't want to risk Kaitlynn taking it completely out herself. So I opted to be a liar. I apologized to Kaitlynn for telling her they wouldn't touch her head. She also received 1 shot - Hep A. I went to nurse her after the appointment, like I usually do, but she wasn't interested. I think she is starting to take steps toward weaning.

We went to my mom's after the appointment. Kaitlynn opened the rest of her birthday gift from my mom. She got her a purse, books, clothes, shoes and a pair of sunglasses.

My mom took us out to dinner for Kaitlynn's birthday. We went to Pasta House, which is where Kaitlynn chose to go.
Kaitlynn got a little scared when the waitress and others came out singing "Happy Birthday" to her. She enjoyed smashing the piece of cake with the forks, but wouldn't eat any of it. My mom and I enjoyed eating the smashed up cake.
Kaitlynn enjoyed the soft mints at the door. She kept running over and getting them.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun birthday!!

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlynn!