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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hospital Visit

The evening of Sunday the 12th, I called my mom to check on her because she wasn't feeling well that day. She had to go lay down after we ate. She was still not doing well, so I called her doctor's exchange. He said that she needed to go to the hospital because he was afraid she had developed pneumonia. I met my mom and brother up at the hospital around midnight on the 13th. My mom had to have a chest x-ray and CT scan. Thankfully everything came out OK. She had a really bad sinus infection and the medicine she was given last week didn't kick it. They gave her some pain medication along with more antibiotics.


Kaitlynn got her toe nails painted a sparkly purple on Saturday night (along with mommy). She did really good, too. She sat on the toilet and was very patient about waiting for the polish to dry.
The Easter bunny left Kaitlynn's Easter baskets on the kitchen table.
Kaitlynn had fun with her new things.
Then it was time for an Easter egg hunt. I put candy in the eggs that I hid. She enjoyed finding one and opening it to eat the candy, but got the hang of it. We wanted her to find all of the eggs, then open them.

Then daddy took some pictures of Kaitlynn in her Easter dress.

Our little Easter bunny!
Her baby doll (that she named Katie) had a matching dress, but of course we forgot to take pictures of Kaitlynn with her doll.
We went to my mom's. My mom was sick, so my niece and I cooked Easter lunch (which ended up being more like dinner).
Easter basket from MawMaw.
With Aunt Neese
Kaitlynn had fun with Hanna

I love these markers my mom got Kaitlynn. They only work on the coloring book, so she can't get marker all over her skin or clothes. What a great invention!

Dying Easter Eggs

Friday the 10th, Kaitlynn and I stayed at my mom's. Saturday we ran some errands for Easter.

That evening, Dave and I dyed Easter eggs with Kaitlynn. I think we waited too late in the evening to start dying eggs. She was really tired and didn't have too much fun. She didn't like waiting for the eggs to dye and then dry.

Monday, April 13, 2009

April's Birthday Party

Friday, April 10th Kaitlynn and I went to my mom's. She took us out to dinner and then she babysat Kaitlynn while Dave and I went out. We met some friends from his work at a bar in the city. We hang out at this bar a few times a year. We were celebrating April's birthday.
Dave and April - Jagermeister buddies

Thursday, April 9, 2009

11 Months

April 5th marked 11 months. I can't believe it's been 11 months, yet it seems like forever ago that I saw and talked to my dad. Kaitlynn has been looking at the picture book of Dado (PawPaw) a lot lately. When I ask her to tell me who he is, sometimes she names him and other times she doesn't.

My dad's favorite cousin (Joe) dyed a few weeks ago. In a weird way it was kind of comforting to hear that he passed because he will be with my dad. I am sure my dad will be happy to see him. I know my dad is with his dad and my grandma (my mom's mom) and now Joe. He is probably telling them about Kaitlynn and how amazing she is.

Doctor's Appointments

Monday morning Kaitlynn woke up coughing and then vomiting at 2AM. After getting cleaned up and finally falling back to sleep, she woke up with diarrhea. I called her doctor's office and they suggested I bring her in. So Kaitlynn, Olivia and I headed to the pediatrician's office. We didn't get to see her pediatrician, but saw one of the partners. Kaitlynn had lost a little weight since her February visit, but not much. He checked her stomach, ears and lungs, but wasn't able to find anything wrong. He said she may have a stomach bug. He gave us some Dr. Smith's diaper cream to prevent a sore bottom from the diarrhea. I asked if she was contagious and he said that it was hard to say. He said that as long as she didn't get into Olivia's face and we practiced good handwashing that Olivia should be OK. I took the girls to Bread Co. to get Kaitlynn a smoothie as a special treat.

Kaitlynn fell asleep on the drive home. I fed Olivia and then she fell asleep. I packed a lunch while the girls were sleeping, then dropped off the study products. I had my hands full walking into that building - Olivia in the car seat, Kaitlynn in my arms (because she was still tired), paperwork, and the bag of research products.

We went to my mom's preschool to pick her up. We got there early, so Kaitlynn could play with the kids. She likes going to preschool. The preschool gave us a few things for our yard, so I called my niece to haul them to our house. My mom and I had doctor's appointments. They drew blood to check my thyroid level and ended up requesting other stuff, since I have not been feeling well for awhile. I hope I get the results on Friday. I would love to find out what's wrong with me (I hope it's nothing bad). Kaitlynn was really ornery at the doctor's office. Olivia was an angel. She did start to get fussy at the end because she wanted to eat and was tired of being in the car seat.

When we got to my house, Meghan was waiting there to pick Olivia up. My niece was also waiting for us. My mom took Hanna, Kaitlynn and me out to dinner. Elliott and Auggie came over my mom's. Kaitlynn had fun hanging out with them. She loves those boys.

Tuesday, Kaitlynn woke up vomiting at 7AM and had a few episodes of diarrhea. I was also feeling sick, so Dave stayed home from work. Kaitlynn and I slept until 2PM. We were definitely not feeling well, sleeping that long. Kaitlynn seemed to be feeling better after sleeping. Dave went to the store to get some juice boxes and rented an Elmo DVD for her.

Wednesday, Kaitlynn and I were supposed to meet with a group at Purina Farms, but I wasn't feeling well and I wasn't sure about taking her out. Dave was going to stay home again, but then decided it wouldn't be a good idea. He was going to take Kaitlynn to work with him, but he had so much to get caught up on, that he decided against it. Thankfully Kaitlynn let me lay around until I started feeling a little better. I felt guilty that she was stuck in the house Tuesday and most of Wednesday, so I took her to my mom's. My mom had a few errands to run. I got really sick at the last store and had to sit in the snack bar and wait for them. I wish I would start feeling better soon.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yanni Voices Reviewed

This CD is very different from any that I currently listen to. I was surprised by the depth of the CD and voices. If I had to choose my favorite tracks they would be: The Keeper, Never Leave the Sun and Before the Night Ends.