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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Curling Up on the Couch with Dr. Seuss

We had a playdate planned for the Mommy and Toddler Playgroup on Wednesday but since no one had responded that they were coming by late Tuesday evening, Kaitlynn and I just stayed home. I was so tired and we needed a morning / day at home with nothing to do. We curled up on the couch after breakfast and read some Dr. Seuss books. Then I put on the video we borrowed from the library. Kaitlynn ate snacks and listened to the video while I rested on the couch until lunch time. I played a kids jazz Cd (from the library) during lunch. Kaitlynn liked it so much, she didn't eat lunch and I spilled my lunch all over the kitchen. Kaitlynn took a nap and I relaxed and played on the internet. When she woke up, we got ready to go to my mom's. We went to dinner with my mom and then went grocery shopping. Kaitlynn didn't want to come home from my mom's. I wish I could have left her there. That sounds horrible doesn't it? I just need a break.

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