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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Music Makers

Thursday morning Kaitlynn and I attended Music Makers class at the Early Childhood Center. There were so many people there. The kids had free play, circle time to sing songs, and made instruments (shaker, tambourine, drum, bean bag, and wind bracelet). They also made ladybug puppets. After making the crafts, they had circle time again to use their instruments to songs and then free play before it was time to leave. Kaitlynn's P.A.T. Educator, Amy was there also. Even though crowded, this class was well worth it. Kaitlynn loves music.

After class, we went to my mom's for a playdate with Elliott. We took them to McDonald's for lunch and to play in the play area. Kaitlynn was climbing up in the play area with the big kids. I have learned to kind of let go and let her play. Even though I am so nervous that she will get hurt. I want her to explore and not be afraid to do things. I just keep my nervousness to myself. Of course, it comes out at times. Like when I hear a kid being mean or a little one crying, I rush to make sure it's not Kaitlynn being picked on or crying. Yes, I know I can't always come to the rescue. But you know what, she is only 2. I kept trying to get her to play in the Toddler Area, but she wanted to play with the big kids.
She followed Elliott around like a little puppy dog. That was the only time I could get her to play in the toddler area - if Elliott went over there. She loves to boss him around too. He could be my future son-in-law! Just joking!!

We took Elliott home. My mom, Kaitlynn and I went to Babies R Us where my mom bought her a pair of sandals. We went to Target and Kmart. Then picked Elliott up because my mom had to watch him that evening. Kaitlynn got to see Auggie. I don't know who she has a bigger "crush" on - Elliott or Auggie. Auggie came down to the car to say hi to Kaitlynn and she started acting all shy and wouldn't talk to him. Then as soon as he left, she started calling for him. He came back to the car and she just smiled. Typical girl and she's only 2!! I think I am going to have my hands full. She already knows had to work the boys!

My mom took us to dinner at Casa. Kaitlynn loved hanging out with Elliott and he was really good with her. After dinner, we went back to my mom's, where Kaitlynn and Elliott played together.

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