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Thursday, April 8, 2010


First let me start by saying "Jesus has risen! He has risen indeed!"

We woke up early and had an Easter egg hunt around our house after getting dressed. Kaitlynn got her Easter basket from us. We went out for breakfast to a nice little cafe, which was awesome. We went to church. What an amazing and uplifting worship service. The music and the teaching were so amazing! What a great way to worship Jesus! After hanging out at church, we went up to the hospital and had lunch with MawMaw and Hanna. It seemed to take forever for MawMaw to get discharged. We went to her house and started cooking Easter supper. What a delicious supper! We were truly thankful this Easter as we remembered what Easter was truly about - Jesus dying for our sins and rising from the dead. We were also so thankful for getting to spend it with our family that we love so much and that are so supportive of us.

Kaitlynn had fun painting with her new Mickey and Minnie Mouse paint set and making a chocolate bunny hutch. She loved hanging out with the family, especially her cousins.

Egg Hunt

Saturday, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a lot of fun! Kaitlynn found a big egg and won an Easter basket filled with lots of candy.

Later, we went to visit MawMaw at the hospital. She was doing better.

Dying Eggs

Friday, we dyed Easter eggs. Kaitlynn did a pretty great job this year. She was very into dying eggs - decorating them, putting them in the dye and decorating with stickers after they were dyed.

April Fool's

I took Kaitlynn to her Kids in the Kitchen class. There are a lot of kids in that class and most of them are 4 or 5 years old. The theme was Foolish Foods.
Kaitlynn fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. We visited MawMaw in the hospital.
Kaitlynn was pretending to be MawMaw's doctor. She was asking her what was wrong and what hurt.

We met daddy and Hanna at home and went to Bread Co for dinner. Hanna hung out with Kaitlynn while Dave and I attended the Good Friday Experience at our church. It was an amazing experience and really put things into perspective.

In Hospital

Monday, March 29th I ran some errands for MawMaw. She had the scope procedure done and called soon after to say she was doing well. When I saw the phone number from the hospital appear on my cell about an hour after the procedure started, I got very nervous. It was MawMaw saying that she was out of the procedure, awake and feeling fine! They also checked her heart again and said her heart was still doing great. The chest x-ray was better, too.
Kaitlynn played outside with a friend, but then had to come in to take a nap (since she was having a major meltdown). Later, Kaitlynn and Aidan played outside with friends.

Tuesday, Kaitlynn and I visited MawMaw at the hospital, then came home to babysit. We ran some errands and I went back up to the hospital that evening. They started PT on MawMaw to get her up walking around.

Wednesday, we ran some errands. We purchased MawMaw a new pair of pajamas to wear while in the hospital.

Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 28th we attended church. It was an awesome service.
In class, Kaitlynn received a palm and made a palm leaf.
I visited MawMaw at the hospital. They scheduled to do the scope procedure on Monday to try to identify the bacteria.

Pajama Party

Saturday, March 27th we attended a friend's 3rd Birthday Party. The theme was a Neverland (Peter Pan / Pirates) Pajama Party. This was Kaitlynn's first pajama party! Kaitlynn wore her Tinker Bell night gown along with her Princess slippers.

We went to visit MawMaw at the hospital. Her breathing / oxygen level was better. The lung specialist consulted with us. He said they may have to do a scope procedure.

Chipmunks - Early Easter Gift

Friday, March 26th, Kaitlynn played outside with Turtle. We also visited MawMaw in the hospital. They did a CT scan and more blood tests. The doctors said her lungs were very inflamed, especially her right lung and that they were bringing in a lung specialist.

Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Build-A-Bear, so Kaitlynn could get Brittany and Alvin. This was an early Easter gift. She had a lot of fun stuffing and bathing them!
We went back up to the hospital to show MawMaw her chipmunks.