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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Monday Kaitlynn and I did some things around the house. I called a friend and had a really good and long conversation with her. You know sometimes I rely on email too much. After the phone call, I realized how important a phone call is, especially every now and then. I really enjoyed talking to her and catching up. We always have good phone conversations. I need to stop relying on email so much.

Kaitlynn and I had to turn some products in for a study we are doing. Then I had to take my traffic ticket to the lawyer. We went to the Dollar Store and then to my mom's work (preschool). Kaitlynn got to spend a few minutes with Elliott.

We went to my mom's where Kaitlynn and Sassy played outside. I got some really cute pictures of them. Kaitlynn has so much fun playing with Sassy. She loves that dog so much and that dog loves her too.

My mom watched Kaitlynn while I attended an Avon meeting. The meeting was good and I won some great stuff.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gabe's 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday, we attended Gabe's 2nd birthday party. It was held at his house. There were a lot of toddlers / kids at the party.
Eileen had a table set up for coloring airplane and hot air balloon pictures.
They had a tunnel for the kids to crawl through that led to a tepee for them to play in.
Kaitlynn and Bailey with their juice boxes.
Not so sure about this birthday hat
Singing "Happy Birthday"
Eileen made Gabe's birthday cake. She did an awesome job and the cake tasted great too!
The birthday boy was picking the jellies off the wings of the cake.
She loved this pony.
First they were fighting over the baby doll. I made Kaitlynn give it back to Gabe. He gave it right back to her.
Wrestling buddies
I hope these 3 stay friends forever!
Gabe wouldn't let Kaitlynn go.
So they started a Conga line!
After the party, we went to Walmart to pick up a few groceries and then to McDonald's. Kaitlynn was so wound up, we were hoping she would expel some energy in the play area.

Singing Songs

Friday morning while we were getting ready, Kaitlynn was singing a song she made up. She was singing "I'll see you when I see ya" over and over. It was really cute and funny. She loves to sing, mostly things she makes up. What a creative little girl!

We met with 2 SAHM from the ECC. I met them at the SAHM+D group I went to back in February at the ECC. We have been emailing since then and finally were able to meet up. Katie just became a SAHM about a month ago. She has an adoptive son named Luke (who will be 2 in July). Amy has 2 girls. Jane turned 2 in January and Abby was born in January. We met at the ECC in the Common Area.

Jane and Kaitlynn had an almost instant connection. They sang / played ring around the rosie, held hands, and kept hugging each other. They were total girls. I have never seen Kaitlynn act like such a girl before. It was so awesome, but also kind of sad. My little baby girl is growing up and turning into a big girl.

Even though Kaitlynn and Jane had fun and played (sometimes they would include Luke - but not often), Kaitlynn was in a mood. She was taking toys and throwing temper tantrums. She was mainly doing this with Luke and a few other kids there. I think she wasn't feeling well. She has a stopped up nose, yet it is really runny. I gave her Tylenol when we left the ECC, because I thought it might help her feel better.

We got home and ate lunch. Well, I ate lunch, Kaitlynn wouldn't eat. She did take a good nap. We waited for Whitney to come over. Whitney was kind of fussy, because she was tired. Once I was able to get her to sleep, she was better. I only watched her for 4 hours before Matt picked her up.

Dave, Kaitlynn and I ate dinner. I gave Kaitlynn a bath and Dave put her to bed.

Music Makers

Thursday morning Kaitlynn and I attended Music Makers class at the Early Childhood Center. There were so many people there. The kids had free play, circle time to sing songs, and made instruments (shaker, tambourine, drum, bean bag, and wind bracelet). They also made ladybug puppets. After making the crafts, they had circle time again to use their instruments to songs and then free play before it was time to leave. Kaitlynn's P.A.T. Educator, Amy was there also. Even though crowded, this class was well worth it. Kaitlynn loves music.

After class, we went to my mom's for a playdate with Elliott. We took them to McDonald's for lunch and to play in the play area. Kaitlynn was climbing up in the play area with the big kids. I have learned to kind of let go and let her play. Even though I am so nervous that she will get hurt. I want her to explore and not be afraid to do things. I just keep my nervousness to myself. Of course, it comes out at times. Like when I hear a kid being mean or a little one crying, I rush to make sure it's not Kaitlynn being picked on or crying. Yes, I know I can't always come to the rescue. But you know what, she is only 2. I kept trying to get her to play in the Toddler Area, but she wanted to play with the big kids.
She followed Elliott around like a little puppy dog. That was the only time I could get her to play in the toddler area - if Elliott went over there. She loves to boss him around too. He could be my future son-in-law! Just joking!!

We took Elliott home. My mom, Kaitlynn and I went to Babies R Us where my mom bought her a pair of sandals. We went to Target and Kmart. Then picked Elliott up because my mom had to watch him that evening. Kaitlynn got to see Auggie. I don't know who she has a bigger "crush" on - Elliott or Auggie. Auggie came down to the car to say hi to Kaitlynn and she started acting all shy and wouldn't talk to him. Then as soon as he left, she started calling for him. He came back to the car and she just smiled. Typical girl and she's only 2!! I think I am going to have my hands full. She already knows had to work the boys!

My mom took us to dinner at Casa. Kaitlynn loved hanging out with Elliott and he was really good with her. After dinner, we went back to my mom's, where Kaitlynn and Elliott played together.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meeting Olivia

Today, after breakfast, Kaitlynn said she was tired. She took a nap and I fell asleep with her. After we got up, I finished cleaning the house. Meghan, Meghan's friend and Olivia came over. Meghan needs someone to watch Olivia a few days a week. Olivia is 2 months old. She seems like a really good baby. They didn't stay too long. Meghan and I have been emailing and talked on the phone a few times. They just came to meet me and see the house. I am going to start babysitting for her next week. I hope things go well.

After lunch, Genny and Matt brought Whitney. Whitney, Kaitlynn and I went to pick up my mom from preschool / work. We went shopping and then out to eat. The waitress remembered Kaitlynn from a previous time that we were in. She actually took Kaitlynn's pictures at JcPenney one time and remembered her. Her name is Caitlyn, too (but spelled differently). She is such a sweet person.

Whitney was really good today. She was so happy. I had her for 7 hours. She fell asleep in the car on the way back to the house and slept until Matt picked her up.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Day with Hasnain

Today I had to get up early so that I could get Kaitlynn to my mom's. My mom watched Kaitlynn so I could go to a research study. Kaitlynn didn't want to come home because Elliott was over. The whole way home she asked about Auggie and Elliott. I set up a "date" for her and Elliott and need to set something up for her and Auggie. She just loves those boys.

Thankfully the playgroup was canceled today because otherwise Kaitlynn and I would've missed it. It was rescheduled for next week. Yeah! I really like the moderator of the playgroup and look forward to seeing her and her kids. I like the other moms in the group, too.

Hasnain came over (early) and was crying because he was tired. I put him in the sling and got him to sleep right away. Kaitlynn and I had lunch and then I tried for half an hour to get her to sleep. She finally fell asleep. Then of course Hasnain woke up, but was still tired. I put him in the sling and he fell back to sleep. Just as I convinced myself to lay down and take a nap, Kaitlynn woke up. Oh well! No nap for this tired mommy.

Maryam picked up Hasnain early because she didn't have class. She was on Spring Break. Today was my last day watching Hasnain, but Maryam and I will stay in contact and still see each other.

Whitney came over this evening for me to babysit. She is such a good and happy girl now. Kaitlynn loves to hold her and do things for her. She was asleep when Genny came to pick her up.

Spring Dress

Monday I cleaned some of the house - vacuumed and straightened up actually. I also had to visit an Avon customer that lives nearby to get her order for this campaign. I couldn't get Kaitlynn to take a nap, so we just went to my mom's. I figured she would fall asleep on the way. And thankfully she did. My mom and I ran some errands while she slept, then went to dinner and did some shopping. I talked to a lady about babysitting her little girl. We are supposed to meet on Wednesday. I hope it works out because this is my last week watching Hasnain. I need to find something to replace that income.
Kaitlynn looks like such a big girl. Look at her long legs!

Yanni Voices Album In Stores

Yanni Voices album is in stores today March 24. Check back to see my review of the CD.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Belated Birthday

We celebrated Kaitlynn's birthday with my Aunt Sam today. She didn't get to come to Kaitlynn's birthday party because she was in the hospital. We picked up my mom and then met Sam at Applebee's for lunch. She gave Kaitlynn an outfit and three magnetic dress up dolls. The outfit was really cute - a white tank with blue jean capris with butterflies decorated on them. We had a nice lunch and then went shopping.

We bought Kaitlynn some clothes and shoes. We have been looking for sandals or summer shoes and found a few pairs today. We went to my mom's, where Kaitlynn played with Sassy and Shadow outside.

First Day of Spring

Friday we were going to go with a new playgroup to Powder Valley, but when I found out my mom didn't have to work, we decided to hang out with her. She rarely gets days off during the week. It was the perfect day to go to the Zoo. It was probably the most crowded I have seen it, but it was still a lot of fun.
We went to see the penguins first.
Then rode the Carousel. Kaitlynn did really well on the Carousel sitting on the bench. I felt like I was going to get sick from it and couldn't wait for it to stop.
Watching / feeding the ducks.
Riding on the train. Kaitlynn liked waving to people as we passed them.
Such a big girl - carrying her purse.
I think this was one of her favorite animals of the day.
She likes to "hike" through the gardens.
Posing for pictures. I don't know why she likes to pose in front of trash cans, but she does.
Standing in front of a new exhibit coming in May. It will be Caribbean Cove where you can pet sting rays.
Posing / playing with her baby. She brings this doll everywhere.
Of course, a visit to the Zoo wouldn't be complete without a picture of the tiger cubs.
Amur leopard
Kaitlynn and MawMaw
Giraffe family - complete with a daddy, mommy and 3 kids (and an ostrich).
Looking at the donkeys (Somalia Wild Ass). They were one of her favorites, too. She was mad that she couldn't get in there with them.
Having fun

We ate lunch at the Zoo and shopped in the gift shop. What a great day!!
We were going to meet Dave and one of our playgroups at the Magic House that night (because it was free to get in), but Dave wasn't able to meet us there. Plus we were having fun with MawMaw, so we went shopping.
We were trying to find some sandals for Kaitlynn, but didn't have any luck. We had dinner and then went home.