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Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Patrick's Party

Wednesday I had to get up early again to watch Nick. Kaitlynn woke up early, too. We cleaned house and prepared for the Mommy and Toddler Playgroup to come over for a St. Patrick's Day Party. We had a good turnout for the party. Bene, Logan, Emily, Ella, Maryam, Hasnain, Tara, Bailey, Eileen and Gabe came. I served green popcorn, Lucky Charms, lime jello, soda, lime cool-aid and tea. Tara brought shamrock iced sugar cookies.
Gabe, Maryam, Hasnain, Ella, Emily, Bene, Logan, Tara, Nick, Kaitlynn and Bailey
Bailey, Ella and Kaitlynn sharing / fighting over snacks.
Gabe said "hi" to Kaitlynn by laying on her, then she started rubbing her hand through his hair.
Nick enjoyed sitting in the ball pit. He enjoyed all the attention he got from all the mommies (and the kids too).
Jello time - Emily, Kaitlynn, Bailey and Tara. The girls are looking up at Bailey (our dog), who was at the top of the stairs.
Eileen and Gabe having some jello.
Gabe, Kaitlynn and Bailey at Kaitlynn's new picnic table.
Kaitlynn, Bailey and Gabe. The snacks were a hit!
After the party, Kaitlynn refused to take a nap, but Nick napped for about an hour. Jill called earlier in the day, saying that her babysitter was going to finish up the week with Nick. After Emil picked Nick up, Kaitlynn and I ate dinner and she went to bed. She was just exhausted (and so was I). Of course I didn't go to bed, I stayed up on the computer and waited for Dave.

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