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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Day with Hasnain

Today I had to get up early so that I could get Kaitlynn to my mom's. My mom watched Kaitlynn so I could go to a research study. Kaitlynn didn't want to come home because Elliott was over. The whole way home she asked about Auggie and Elliott. I set up a "date" for her and Elliott and need to set something up for her and Auggie. She just loves those boys.

Thankfully the playgroup was canceled today because otherwise Kaitlynn and I would've missed it. It was rescheduled for next week. Yeah! I really like the moderator of the playgroup and look forward to seeing her and her kids. I like the other moms in the group, too.

Hasnain came over (early) and was crying because he was tired. I put him in the sling and got him to sleep right away. Kaitlynn and I had lunch and then I tried for half an hour to get her to sleep. She finally fell asleep. Then of course Hasnain woke up, but was still tired. I put him in the sling and he fell back to sleep. Just as I convinced myself to lay down and take a nap, Kaitlynn woke up. Oh well! No nap for this tired mommy.

Maryam picked up Hasnain early because she didn't have class. She was on Spring Break. Today was my last day watching Hasnain, but Maryam and I will stay in contact and still see each other.

Whitney came over this evening for me to babysit. She is such a good and happy girl now. Kaitlynn loves to hold her and do things for her. She was asleep when Genny came to pick her up.

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Carolee said...

I hate when you are FINALLY done with everything & can lay down, the kiddies wake up!