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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mini Chef

Saturday Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Mills Mall for a kidgits event called Mini Chefs. After checking in, Kaitlynn got to spin the wheel. She won a dolphin and got to choose between pink and purple. She chose pink. Then we started the activities. First Kaitlynn made a licorice bracelet.
Then she decorated a cookie, using white frosting and M&Ms.
Kaitlynn decorated an apron.
Lastly, she made a lollipop flower. We walked around the mall.
Kaitlynn had fun getting on and off of the rides.
We went into Tilt to get Kaitlynn's gift for being a kid's club member. She got a princess rubber ducky.

We finished the mall event by having a blizzard from Dairy Queen.
Kaitlynn took a nap in the car on the way home. We got things ready to go to Jill, Emil and Nick's.
Kaitlynn and Nick played in his kiddie pool and on his swing set. Kaitlynn had fun swinging him.
We ate dinner and enjoyed some great conversation.

Jungle Boogie - J Rob

Friday Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie.
The penguins were the first animals we visited because of Kaitlynn's recent interest in "Happy Feet".
Kaitlynn loves seeing the penguins, but doesn't like being inside because she gets too cold. Although she didn't want to leave the puffins.
We were heading back into the Penguin / Puffin exhibit because Kaitlynn said she wasn't done with "her turn" to see the puffins when she spotted the Carousel. Daddy and Kaitlynn had a nice ride on the bench.
Kaitlynn loves to see the flamingos and ducks. We were looking for the turtles that are sometimes with the ducks, but didn't see them.
On the way to the Herpetarium, we stopped to listen to the band and watch the prairie dogs. Kaitlynn didn't want to spend too much time with the prairie dogs because she heard the sea lions. It was great timing because we watched them getting fed. Kaitlynn is so very caring. One of the sea lions (a female that has some problems with her eyesight) didn't eat one of the fish the keeper tossed to her. Kaitlynn was very concerned about it. She refused to leave until the keeper got the fish out of the water.
We finally made our way into the Herpetarium to see the turtles, but there weren't as many as they used to have.
We headed over to Big Cat Country and saw a lioness, a leopard, and all 5 tigers.
Kaitlynn wasn't too interested in seeing the zebras, camels, or ostrich (that is in with the giraffes). The giraffes and donkeys weren't out. Kaitlynn said "Donkey where are you?"
We dropped a few pieces of popcorn (poppy as Kaitlynn calls it) and this peacock came up and started eating it. I wasn't sure what the peacock was doing at first when she started approaching us and just kept coming closer and closer. Kaitlynn had no fear of her. We had to remind her to keep some distance and not to try petting her.
We headed back towards the band and hung out there for a bit while watching the small brown bear.
A trip to the Zoo for us isn't really complete unless we go through River's Edge. As we were walking through people passing us told us it was a waste of time because none of the animals were out. We really didn't mind, so we just kept walking through. The hippos weren't out, but Kaitlynn liked looking at the fish.
I have never noticed these after Hippo Harbor. Aren't these awesome?
We did get to see the hyenas and one elephant. So, of course, I told Kaitlynn that the elephant was waiting to see her. She thought that was pretty cool.
Dave and I noticed this really neat tree by the elephants.
J Rob was a good jazz / blues band. We liked a lot of the music they played and it was really neat to be able to hear the music as we were walking around the Zoo.
Kaitlynn cracked us up. While we were walking, she said to me "hold me. Hold your daughter." She likes to remind me that she is my daughter. She got on this kick from watching "Happy Feet."

I'm Jacqueline

I am such a reality TV junkie. I really got into watching "The Real Housewives of New Jersey". The drama was so fun and exciting. I like to watch drama on TV, but prefer to keep it out of my personal life. Or maybe I crave the drama on TV when it seems that I can't get away from it in my personal life. Anyway, I just had to take the quiz. So which NJ Housewife am I? I am Jacqueline. I'm cool with that. She is probably my favorite one. In reading her bio on Bravo TV, it says that "Her family is her main priority, her husband is her best friend..." and I totally agree with that. So if you are a NJ Housewives' fan, which housewife are you? Go ahead, take the quiz. BTW, I took the other quiz and found out I am not a Jersey girl!

Tomato Plants

Our tomato plants are really coming along. We are so excited!

I have to say, Dave has been doing such an excellent job with them. Kaitlynn and I do water them, but he has really been taking care of them and doing everything else.

Too Hot to Play Outside

Monday, while I was getting ready Kaitlynn saw some tootsie rolls in a drawer. These are her favorite candy. She normally will ask for 2. But Monday she said she wanted "3 or 4." I told her that we would start with one. She said "Ok, one" and held up one finger. Little smarty pants!

Kaitlynn went to my mom's to hang out with her, Sassy, Auggie and Elliott. I think she is over her obsession with Auggie and Elliott, but not with Sassy (or MawMaw)!

Tuesday I babysat Nick. When Jill picked Nick up that evening, Kaitlynn reminded us that Nick would be back over on Thursday.

Wednesday Kaitlynn and I met Trisha and Kylie at Chick-Fil-A. We stayed about an hour or so until the play area became packed with big kids. The big kids started knocking the younger kids down, so we decided to leave. No sense in dealing with that.

Kaitlynn and I went to my mom's. She played with Sassy and the boys. After the boys left, we ran some errands and went to dinner.

Kaitlynn is dying to be outside. It was too hot to be outside this week. Although, if I would let her, she would be outside. She just loves it! I think Dave and I were both like that as kids too. I am glad she would rather be outside playing than inside watching TV. I hope that continues.

New Addition

Dave and I got Kaitlynn a turtle. We weren't sure if she would really be interested in the turtle or not. We weren't sure if she would like it or be afraid of it. Well she absolutely loves it. She named the turtle Turtle.
Monday morning she couldn't wait to check on Turtle. She is not afraid to touch it or pick it up either.
I told Kaitlynn that we should take Turtle outside for a bit. She knelt down and asked Turtle if it wanted to go outside. She informed me that Turtle wanted to go. So we took Turtle outside to get some sun and "exercise". Kaitlynn loved it! When we came in she said "Oh, thank you momma!"
She also enjoyed watering the tomato plants. She is such a good helper.
She is really taking care of the turtle. For now we are keeping it in a box. She changes the box, gives Turtle fresh lettuce and carrots everyday and puts water in it's bowl. She is so responsible! I guess she is a typical first born.

Father's Day

Starting out the weekend right - Friday night Kaitlynn fell asleep in Daddy's arms.
Saturday my mom watched Kaitlynn while Dave and I attended a wedding ceremony and then went out for a date night. We went to the Clayton area for dinner and then to the Soulard area for drinks.
Sunday was Dave's day - Father's Day. He made all the plans for that day.
I brought Dave breakfast in bed. After breakfast, he opened his gifts.
We went to both of our dads' grave sites.
Then went to my mom's. She took us to Pasta House for Father's Day dinner. Dave wanted to go there because of the cheesecake (and he likes the food).
Daddy and his girl
They look so much alike in this picture, don't they?
Dave said he had a good Father's Day. He did everything he wanted to. Father's Day is hard for both of us since our dads have passed away, but we are there for each other.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Babysitting, Cardiologist and Playdate

Sunday the 14th, we worked in the yard a little. Kaitlynn loves these new Turtle sunglasses. She is really into turtles (and penguins). Her favorite movie is "Happy Feet". She actually sits through the whole movie. She gets very emotional watching it, too. I love that about her. She is so in tune with people's emotions. That's my girl!
Tuesday I babysat Nick and Whitney.
They had fun together. Nick would try to take Whitney's bottle from her and then Whitney would try to take Nick's pacifier from him. Kaitlynn really helped with keeping that under control! She loves to help babysit. I think she is going to be the neighborhood babysitter when she is a teenager.
Wednesday I babysat Olivia. Previously Dave and I discussed our family's cardiology history with Kaitlynn's pediatrician and she recommended taking Kaitlynn to a pediatric cardiologist. We scheduled the appointment and anxiously awaited that day. Well the day came and we were very nervous. Kaitlynn did great at the appointment. They did several tests including an EKG. All of her numbers looked great. Everything was functioning the way it is supposed to. She does need to have some follow-up appointments, but not until she is between 5 and 10 years old. Those are just to get a baseline and continue to make sure things are functioning properly. Thank you God!!!! I can't tell you how much I prayed and begged God that she would be OK.
Later that day, I babysat Whitney.
Kaitlynn and I went to my mom's. We went out to dinner and ran some errands.
My mom gave Kaitlynn a dollar bill and Kaitlynn said she was putting it in her pocket. Not sure why she thinks this is a pocket!
Thursday I babysat Nick and we had a few people from the Mommy and Toddler Playgroup over. Emily, Ella, Trisha and Kylie came over. It was supposed to be a backyard playdate, but it was so extremely hot outside, we decided to stayed inside. Nick enjoyed being with the girls.
DJ Kylie and her dancers Ella and Kaitlynn