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Monday, March 2, 2009

New Do

Saturday I got my hair cut at Studio 180 Hair Design. This is not normally where I get my hair cut. I received a certificate in the mail for my birthday for a complimentary hair cut and style, so I thought I would give it a try. The owner, Susan washed, cut and styled my hair. Dave and Kaitlynn went with me. I really liked the salon. I have to admit when we pulled up to the place, I was a little worried. It looked like a little whole in the wall. But I thought I'd give it a shot. Once we got inside, I felt a little better. Susan was very nice and knowledgeable. I also appreciated that she had a drawer full of toys for Kaitlynn to play with. My regular hair dresser has a few mega blocks for the kids to play with, but a drawer full was excellent.
It's hard to really get a feel for my cut in these pictures. It looks flat, but it's really not. I like the cut because I can wear it different ways.
We went to the library to look for some DVDs and CDs for Kaitlynn. We got an alphabet DVD, 2 number DVDs, a kid's CD and a Sesame Street bedtime DVD. We got a few movies for ourselves, too - The Stranger and Prairie Home Companion.

We finally gave Kaitlynn her birthday gifts from us. We got her a keyboard, a cash register, potty books, Dora slippers, a blanket for outside, and Sudsy School bath stuff (school bus to play with in the tub along with bath gels and bubble bath). Kaitlynn loved her new stuff. She also started wanting to potty on the potty.
Kaitlynn really likes the Sesame Street DVD. She will actually watch the first 10 minutes of it. We let her watch it before bed. After she went to sleep, Dave and I watched The Stranger. I just can't watch scary movies anymore. I want to, but I am such a scaredy cat. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones (even though I am not pregnant). I think it screwed me up when I was pregnant with Kaitlynn. The movie was based on true events.
Dave went to bed after the movie. I tried to watch Prairie Home Companion, but just couldn't get interested. I might try to watch it again before I have to take it back.

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