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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kid's Day

Tuesday I had to get up early and if you know me, I don't do mornings! I was up until after 3AM and then had to get up at 6:30. So needless to say I was extremely tired.

I had to get up so early, because my friend Jill was bringing her little boy, Nick over for me to babysit. Kaitlynn woke up early because she heard Nick.

Kaitlynn, Nick and I met a playgroup at Chesterfield Mall for Kid's Day. We played at the play area, then went to Pottery Barn Kids for story time. Pottery Barn Kids was so crowded and really hot. It was difficult for our kids to listen to the story because it was so hot in the store. We left before it was over and went back to the play area. Kaitlynn, Nick and I had to leave early because Hasnain was coming over early. We got some pretzels and left the mall. I was worried about going to the mall with 2 kids, especially since I haven't been around Nick much before and have never watched him. It went really well. I actually felt really comfortable with both of them. He was in the stroller and Kaitlynn had her doggy backpack on.

Looking at the puppies in the pet store.
Nick does really well in the car, too. On the way home from the mall, I stopped at Jack in the Box because they were giving away a free small fry and small drink. Kaitlynn fell asleep on the way home.
We got back in just enough time to get in the house and get settled before Maryam brought Hasnain. Hasnain was upset when she left.
Kaitlynn and Nick were just hanging out watching a Sesame Street video while I was getting Hasnain to sleep for a nap.
Yes, Kaitlynn is trying to put Nick's bottle in her mouth. She is obsessed with bottles. She wouldn't take one when she was a baby, though.
Things went pretty well with having the 3 kids. I was surprised at how well it went. After naps, we went outside and met the neighbor next door. She has a 2 year old girl and watches 4 other kids.
Dave picked Kaitlynn up to take her to "Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss" at the Early Childhood Center, but she fell asleep on the way there, so they just came back home.

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