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Thursday, March 12, 2009

God Takes The Good Ones Early

I was watching this interview tonight on the Channel 5 news. They were interviewing the wife of a police officer who was shot and killed while on duty. She said that she has always believed that "God takes the good ones early". This really spoke to me as my dad was taken from us early. March 5 marked 10 months since his death. I always think or ask God why he didn't take so and so. I think about why he didn't take someone older or who is a bad person instead of stealing my dad away from us. I believe the police officer's wife was correct. God does take the good ones early. It's apparent to me now. I just need to remember how blessed I was to have a father like I did. I need to remember how blessed Kaitlynn was to have a grandfather like she did. My dad was a devoted father and grandfather. Everything he did was for his family. He made many sacrifices for us and never complained about them. He wanted to instill in us a solid relationship with God. He was a man of honor and great faith. He was an amazing man and I am a better person for having known him and having him as my dad. Even though he was taken from us so early and not in Kaitlynn's life for long, she will be a better person for having known him for her first 15 months of life.

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