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Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Prefold Experience

This morning I decided to brave the prefolds. The first time I changed Kaitlynn's diaper, I used the newspaper fold for the Chinese Prefold. I liked how easy this was. I thought that it would make Kaitlynn's bottom look bigger and bulkier, but it didn't look too much different than the bumGenius.

Pointing at all the animals on our front lawn (birds, a chipmunk, and a rabbit). She was so excited, she started dancing.

Next diaper change, I decide to try a different fold for the Chinese Prefold (since the newspaper fold was so easy). I used the angel wing fold and secured it with a snappi. This was not so easy because Kaitlynn did not want to lay still long enough for me to get it on right.
This picture was taken when I was getting ready to change her diaper. The prefold was soaked and she leaked out of it. As you can see from the photo, I didn't do such a good job on the angle wing fold. It didn't cover her too well and was too loose. I will need much more practice with this fold. I went back to the bumGenuis diapers for the rest of the day.

Venturing into Prefolds

Yesterday I went to Cotton Babies to purchase one of their diaper packages, The "Try It" Kit. This package includes 6 prefolds, 2 diaper covers and a snappi. I got 6 Chineses Unbleached Prefold diapers, 2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps in froggy pond and jungle, and a red Snappi. I also bought some used bumGenius 3.0 one size cloth diapers and some one size inserts. I think I have plenty of cloth diapers now. I am excited to try the prefolds. I also have some Birdseye Prefold diapers that I should be able to use with the diaper covers. I washed all the new diapers and am ready to try them out. I may not be too excited after trying them out, as I have heard that there is a learning curve with prefolds. It should be pretty interesting. Kaitlynn hates getting her diaper changed most of the time now. At Cotton Babies, they said it is a good time to get Kaitlynn into the prefolds because she will actually feel wetness. They said with the bumGenius diapers she doesn't feel the wetness. The prefolds will help with getting her ready to potty train. I am not trying to potty train her now, she is too young. But apparently the prefolds will help.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Skin So Soft


It’s only a bath oil. …or is it?

1.It’s a bath oil.
2.It’s an after shower moisturizer.
3.It can be used to remove makeup.
4.It’s a suntan oil (no sunscreen).
5.Pour a little in the water of your foot tub to help moisturize your feet while you relax them.
6.It’s a hot oil treatment to soften nails.
7.It’s a good massage oil for those overworked, sore muscles.
8.It’s a good insect repellent for people and pets.
9.It helps relieve itching caused by insect bites and dry skin.
10.Sponge or use a paint brush and apply it to screens and around doors and windows to keep crawling bugs, as well as flies and mosquitoes out.
11.It’s a good wood cleaner and conditioner for natural wood. (Cuts grease from kitchen cabinets with ease.)
12.It removes chewing gum from hair, skin, and most non-porous surfaces.
13.It removes glue and gum left from price tags and labels from glass, metal, and most plastics.
14.It cleans tape marks left from bandages on skin.
15.It cleans ink from skin and most vinyl and painted surfaces.
16.It gently cleans heavy oil and grease from skin and non-porous surfaces (great for mechanics’ hands).
17.It removes soap scum from shower doors, shower curtains, windows, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
18.It removes lime and hard water deposits from windows, fixtures, shower doors and tile.
19.It removes tar spots from car finishes without damaging paint finish.
20.It’s an oil lubricant for fitting pipe joints that won’t slip together as easily as they used to.
21.It removes paint and stain from skin – much gentler than turpentine.
22.It cleans paint brushes easily and leaves them as soft as new.
23.It removes gum from carpet.
24.It cuts grease and cleans dirt from range hoods.

If you have any other uses for Skin So Soft, please let me know by emailing me at

To place an order for Skin So Soft, you can email me at or shop my online store at

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Day, New Things

Saturday I didn't have time to give Kaitlynn a bath before we went to Cotton Babies for the Grand Opening, so I brought her bath stuff to my mom's.
Kaitlynn's bath towel is from Avon. Isn't she adorable?
After being at Cotton Babies almost all day, my mom, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Target and Wal-Mart. After shopping we were going to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant, but it started storming while we were in Wal-Mart, so we decided to just stay there and eat at Blimpies.
I bought some bows for Kaitlynn's hair. She still doesn't have much hair, but I am dying to be able to put bows in her hair.
She is modeling her new sun hat. We lost her other sun hat after our trip to Florida in March.
I couldn't help but try the Robeez on her that I won at Cotton Babies. I don't care if they are for boys, they look awfully cute on her.

I Love Freebies

Yesterday Cotton Babies had it's grand opening. Kaitlynn and I got there at 10AM because the first 50 customers got a free pair of BabyLegs and the next 50 got a free Bumkins bib. We were number 36. I purchased a Bumkins Waterproof Junior Bib and got a free pair of cream colored BabyLegs. They had stripped BabyLegs, but I wanted to get a neutral pair because Kaitlynn already has the neopolitan ones.

For making a purchase I also got a free tube of Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment and a coupon to use next month.

While Kaitlynn and I were there we registered for 5 drawings. They were having drawings every half hour, but you had to be present to win. I registered for a Bumkins gift set, Phil & Ted's Me Too Portable High Chair, BumGenius package, a pair of Robeez Tredz White Sandals, and another BumGenius package. Kaitlynn and I stayed for the first 3 raffles, then went to my mom's. My mom and I went back up there with Kaitlynn. I had my mom register for 5 drawings. She registered for a pair of Robeez Metallic Pink shoes, Moby Wrap and a Baby O Nursing Scarf, 12 piece package of KickyPants Baby Clothes, Medela Breastpump and Medela Sleeping Bra, and BumGenius package. We didn't win the Robeez drawing, however, they raffled off 6 pairs of Robeez. 2 of them were unclaimed because the people were not there so we played a trivia game about cloth diapers. I won both pairs, but was only given one pair. They are for boys, but are cute.

After I won the shoes, Dave met us up there. I had him put in for the last 4 drawings. I ended up buying 2 used BumGenius diapers. With my purchase I got a free Bumkins Starter Bib, a tube of Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment, a free yellow Kushies Swimsuit Diaper, and another coupon.

While we were hanging out at the store, the staff handed out samples of Nature's Baby Organics Face & Body Moisturizer and Nature's Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash and FreshBaby tips and recipe cards. My mom purchased Kaitlynn 2 pairs of BabySoy socks in pink and green. She also received a free Kushies Swimsuit (in red), Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment, and a coupon for next month. We had a good time, even though we didn't win any of the huge giveaways.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kaitlynn's Letter to her PawPaw

Dear PawPaw,
I am going to miss you so much. I am so used to seeing you everyday. You were such a devoted grandfather. You would do anything for me. You celebrated with mommy and daddy when they found out I was a girl. You helped mommy and daddy finish the basement so I would have a place to play. You helped daddy put the crib together before I was born (even though I have never slept in it). You were there for my birth. You helped mommy and daddy home from the hospital with me. You rocked me to sleep. You were with me the first time I went out to eat. You came to my mommy’s and my rescue the first time I had the flu. You have taken me on walks. You sang to me. You played with me. You took me to IHOP to see my boys in red hats. You’ve babysat me. You went to Grant’s Farm and the Zoo with me. You went with me to the Pumpkin Patch. You spent my first Halloween with me. You were with me for my first Christmas. You were there when I took my first steps. You helped mommy and daddy prepare for my first birthday party. You went to Florida with us and saw me on the beach for the first time. You would meet me at McDonald’s to play in the play area. You’ve held me and watched me grow for the last 14 months. We have shared more in 14 months, than some people share their whole lives. Mommy and daddy will help me to always remember you and keep the memories alive.

These last few weeks have been tough because I have not seen you very much. The few times I have seen you, you were in a hospital bed. One day mommy and daddy will explain all of this to me. But one thing is for sure, I will always love you.

PawPaw, I wish you were still here. I liked taking your black hat off your head and throwing it or trying to eat it. I enjoyed teasing you. I would act like I was going to kiss you and then turn my head or I would reach my arms out for you and then turn away. If you were still here, I would reach my arms out for you and kiss you (no turning away). I will wait until the day you can hold me in your arms again.

Your little princess,

P.S. Mommy will take care of my ponytail for you.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Letter to my Dad

Dear Dad,
It doesn’t seem right to live in a world that you are no longer part of.

But we will go on living, being happy, and making memories because that is what you would have wanted us to do.

We will remember you every step of the way and wish you could be with us.

We know that one day we will be with you again.

We are reassured by the fact that you were such a good and faithful man.

We know that you are in a better place.

You are in Heaven with God and you are without pain.

We wish God would have given us more time with you,

But are forever thankful for the time we were given.

Your daughter Amy

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Avon Meeting

Last night I went with my friend Tara to an Avon meeting. I got tons of free gifts and prizes. The first gift I got was Avon Shine Perfume (which is a discontinued fragrance) for attending my first Avon meeting. Then everyone got a door prize, which consisted of a trial size of Anew Stretch Mark Smoother, samples of Pro-To-Go lipstick and information sheet, samples of Christian Lacroix Noir (men's fragrance), Bug Guard labels, mark skincare handout, Pro-To-Go button, and information about top sellers. The Stretch Mark Smoother, Pro-To-Go lipstick, and Christian Lacroix Noir are new products that will be coming out within the next few campaigns. I was happy to see that I was still in the top 50 sellers in the district. Yay me!! The next prize was for my Avon Anniversary. I will be going on 2 years in May (I have been selling for longer, but took a break and so now this is my new anniversary date). I got to pick from a table of items, so I chose this. I got to chose another item for my birthday (which was in February) and chose a mark Voluptuous Lip Plumper. I received a bouquet of roses (fake) for making President's Club. I got to choose 3 more items for taking advantage of some Avon advance orders. I chose this, Skin So Soft Airbrush Spray, and a Sweet Honesty 3 piece gift set. I can't believe I haven't been attending these meetings. I know I won't get this much at every meeting, but it is worth it to go.

Kaitlynn and her Doggy

Monday, Dave got home early - just as Kaitlynn, Bailey and I were leaving for a walk. We waited for Dave and took a nice family walk around the neighborhood. Afterwards, Kaitlynn played on the front porch with Bailey.

Allergies, Teething, Sick?

I am not sure if Kaitlynn is sick, has allergies, or is just teething. Kaitlynn's nose was a little runny on Friday. On Friday late evening / Saturday early morning, Kaitlynn woke up from her sleep crying a few times. Saturday her nose was really runny and later in the day her eyes were watery. Saturday evening / early Sunday morning she ran a fever of almost 102 degrees. She could hardly sleep because she couldn't breath out of her nose and kept waking up crying every 20 minutes. Sunday she ran a little fever, had a very runny nose, and watery eyes. She slept pretty well on Sunday evening. Monday she didn't have fever and her nose wasn't too runny. She hasn't been eating food as well as she normally does for the last 3 days or so. I wish she could tell me if she is hurting or what is bothering her. These symptoms can be so many things. Teething can cause a runny nose and fever. Allergies can cause a runny nose and watery eyes. Maybe it's a combination of both. Who knows?

Kaitlynn Attends her First Birthday Party

On Saturday, Kaitlynn attended her first friend's birthday party. Her friend Bailey turned one. This is not the first friend's birthday party she has been invited to, but is the first one she has been able to attend. I think she had a good time.
She liked playing with the tissue paper from the gifts.
She enjoyed playing peek-a-boo.
This is the only picture I managed to take of Kaitlynn and Bailey.

Monday, April 21, 2008


On Friday, I woke up to Kaitlynn smiling and calling Pumpkin into the bedroom at about 4:30AM. A second or two later, Bailey came down the hall and Kaitlynn called her into the bedroom, too. Then I heard what sounded like the garage door opening and couldn't figure out why Dave would be coming home from an overnight at 4:30AM. Since that didn't make sense I started thinking that maybe someone was trying to break in. That thought went out of my head pretty fast, as Kaitlynn and I heard the water in the shower of the master bathroom start dripping pretty hard. Then at 4:36 the bed started shaking / vibrating, the widows started rattling and the closet doors began shaking. I couldn't figure out what was going on. I was thinking is this a tornado? Should I take Kaitlynn and run downstairs? After things stopped shaking and vibrating, I fished around the news channels to see what the hell just happened. Finally at 5AM, the news said we just experienced an earthquake that was a 5.4.
Later that morning at 10:14, Kaitlynn and I were in the bedroom and the bed started shaking again. It was an aftershock from the earthquake. What a crazy morning!?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beautiful Day

Today Dave took my dad to get a colonoscopy so he had the Honda (which has the car seat in it). So Kaitlynn and I weren't able to go to the Nursing Moms Group. After a late breakfast, we took a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. Then we played in the front yard for awhile. It was such a beautiful day!

Dave brought the car back before he went to work, so Kaitlynn and I went to my parents' house. My dad's colonoscopy went well, but he was feeling tired and weak. He was happy that I brought Kaitlynn over. Kaitlynn loves seeing my parents.

Kaitlynn's Friends

On Tuesday we went to the Older Babies Playgroup. Kaitlynn was so excited to see her friend Ella (who was sleeping in her car seat) that she kept trying to wake her up. When Ella finally woke up, Kaitlynn was so excited. The excitement didn't last too long though, because then she took off to play with her friend Gabe shortly after Ella woke up. Gabe and Kaitlynn were playing in the clothes racks. It looked like they were going under the rack to hide or kiss (Eileen and I weren't sure which)! Then Gabe hugged Kaitlynn - so adorable! He is such a sweetie, just like Kaitlynn. They played peek-a-boo and ran around the store for awhile together.

Monday Night

On Monday evening we went to my parents' house for dinner. My mom invited the lady she works for (Beth) and her 2 boys (Auggie and Elliott) over. Kaitlynn loves playing with Auggie and Elliott. Auggie is really good with her. Elliott likes playing with her, too, but can be kind of mean to her. Right after the boys left, Kaitlynn fell into my parents' rocking chair and got a bruise on the right side of her face (under her eye).
We watched Memory Keeper's Daughter on Lifetime. My mom and I read this book several months back and really loved it. We liked the movie, however, a lot of facts from the book were changed in the movie. I am definitely glad I read the book because it was excellent. I wish they wouldn't have changed or omitted so much in the movie.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I received an email from Jill today that included ultrasound pictures of little Nick. I was opening up the ultrasound pictures and told Kaitlynn I was going to show her pictures of her new little friend. I asked her if she could wait 5 months to meet him and she shook her head no. It was so adorable! I think we all feel the same way. We can't wait to meet him!

The Heartbreak Kid

Tuesday night Dave and I watched The Heartbreak Kid. Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller are in it. I thought it was pretty funny. I like Ben Stiller a lot and his movies are typically pretty funny. It is so hilarious after he gets married and starts finding things out about his new wife. I'm not sure if Dave liked it because he fell asleep in the middle of it. Although anytime we watch a movie in bed, he falls asleep. If I want him to stay awake for the movie we have to watch it in the living room and I have to make sure he is sitting up (not laying down).

Playing Dress-Up?

Kaitlynn found one of my nursing bras last night and decided to show it to her visitors. Thankfully it was just my parents. She was walking around the house with one of the straps in her mouth.

Then we thought it would be funny to put it on her. She thought it was so cool that I was taking pictures of her with it on.

Mashed Potatoes

Yesterday for lunch Kaitlynn had mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and chicken nuggets. I was checking my email while we were eating lunch and when I looked over at her she was mushing the mashed potatoes in her hands. She was having such a good time!

Mommy's Helper

Yesterday I received an Avon shipment. Kaitlynn likes to help me sort through the products. Once she actually took this ring out of one customer's bag and put it in another's. I didn't realize it and they were delivered to each customer. Thankfully the customer that received the ring in her bag (and wasn't charged for it) called me to let me know. The other customer hadn't said anything to me about the ring missing. It was a pretty smart idea on Kaitlynn's part though because the customer who accidentally received the ring ended up buying 2 of them. What a smart baby! She's just helping mommy get more business and make more money!
Yesterday when she was helping me, she would take something out of the Avon shipment and hand it to me, but as I would reach for it, she would take it back. It was so cute! Oh, by the way, she doesn't have access to the customers' bags anymore.

Kaitlynn's Going to Have a New Friend

All day Tuesday I was so excited and couldn't wait to talk to my friend Jill. She was having the "Big Ultrasound" done and was going to find out the sex of her baby. When Jill called on Tuesday night, I was getting Kaitlynn ready for bed, so I called her back afterwards. She didn't answer her phone. I kept bothering Dave asking if I should call her back or if I should just wait for her to call back. I decided that she might be sleeping and needed her sleep. Jill called Wednesday to tell me that they are having a boy. His name is Nicholas Joseph. We talked about the possibility of me watching him when she goes back to work. Jill called last week to ask me if I was interested. Dave and I talked about it and I am interested. I know it will be a lot of work, but I think it would be nice to have a little baby around. It's not definite yet, as there are still things to talk about / think about. I am so excited for Jill and Emil. They will be great parents. It was so cool to talk to her today as I could just hear the excitement in her voice.

Another Belated Birthday Gift

Kaitlynn received a birthday gift on Monday when we were at my parents' house. The gift was from her great aunt Sam and great uncle George. They left the gift at my grandma's and my parents picked it up. They gave her an outfit (capri pants and shirt with a matching hat) and a book (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom). Kaitlynn has that book already, but the one she has is a paperback and this one is a board book. She loves books!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Great Grandma's and Sliding

Yesterday Kaitlynn and I went to my grandma's house to visit. My parents, Elliott, and niece Hanna met us there. Kaitlynn and I haven't seen my grandma since Kaitlynn's birthday party.
Kaitlynn had fun pulling Hanna's hair.
Kaitlynn and I were going to leave my grandma's at 1PM to go to the Older Babies Playgroup, but we ended up staying at my grandma's until about 2PM. After we left, we went to McDonald's. The food may not be the healthiest, but the playland is great for kids.

Kaitlynn really enjoyed the toddler play area. She climbed up the steps to the slide by herself and slid down all by herself. It was so cool to see her do that on her own.