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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Avon Meeting

Last night I went with my friend Tara to an Avon meeting. I got tons of free gifts and prizes. The first gift I got was Avon Shine Perfume (which is a discontinued fragrance) for attending my first Avon meeting. Then everyone got a door prize, which consisted of a trial size of Anew Stretch Mark Smoother, samples of Pro-To-Go lipstick and information sheet, samples of Christian Lacroix Noir (men's fragrance), Bug Guard labels, mark skincare handout, Pro-To-Go button, and information about top sellers. The Stretch Mark Smoother, Pro-To-Go lipstick, and Christian Lacroix Noir are new products that will be coming out within the next few campaigns. I was happy to see that I was still in the top 50 sellers in the district. Yay me!! The next prize was for my Avon Anniversary. I will be going on 2 years in May (I have been selling for longer, but took a break and so now this is my new anniversary date). I got to pick from a table of items, so I chose this. I got to chose another item for my birthday (which was in February) and chose a mark Voluptuous Lip Plumper. I received a bouquet of roses (fake) for making President's Club. I got to choose 3 more items for taking advantage of some Avon advance orders. I chose this, Skin So Soft Airbrush Spray, and a Sweet Honesty 3 piece gift set. I can't believe I haven't been attending these meetings. I know I won't get this much at every meeting, but it is worth it to go.

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