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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Locomotion Commotion

Kaitlynn went to a Parents As Teachers activity called Locomotion Commotion on March 26th. She was by far the youngest there, but had a lot of fun. It was free play for the babies. There was a ball pit, a couple of slides, a hanging ball to hit with paddles, and lots of other activities. Kaitlynn loved the ball pit the best. She liked the slides, too. She kept trying to climb up the slide instead of the steps. One thing I noticed (and also found out from talking with the other parents) is that Kaitlynn's communication and social skills are very strong. Many of the babies there say about 3 words and Kaitlynn says at least 15. She is also very excited to meet other babies and sort of interact with them. The other babies were all walking and Kaitlynn is more of a crawler. She does walk by herself at times, but her favorite method for getting around is crawling. She is a very fast crawler! At the end of the session, everyone sang songs to end the evening.

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