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Thursday, April 3, 2008

More About Tuesday

Yesterday I didn't write much about Kaitlynn's playgroup on Tuesday. She typically has a good time on Tuesdays because the babies that attend are at least 6 months old. Last week there was 1 baby that was about 2 months old (Drew). This week Drew was there again as well as Mary Ryan who is also about 2 months. I don't mind the little babies coming (not that it's my place to say if I did). Kaitlynn likes the little babies, but I am afraid she is going to accidentally hurt one of them. This is one of the reasons I think we might have to stop going on Thursdays to the Nursing Moms Group. Yes, we are still nursing, but the group mainly consists of little babies. Thursdays are typically more crowded than Tuesdays also, so there is less room for the older babies to crawl or walk around and play. Tuesday was nice because Kaitlynn and I got to see Emily and Ella. We haven't seen them since before we left for Florida. Ella is getting so tall. There was a new little girl (about 9 months old) named London at the group. Kaitlynn kept wanting to eat her snacks. I don't understand it, even if I bring the same snacks as the other babies, Kaitlynn still wants the other babies' snacks. Oh well, that's kids for ya! Kaitlynn kept trying to run instead of walk but kept falling. When she is trying to get somewhere fast, she will crawl. So when I would see her crawling, I would pick her up and stand her on her feet. She would take off, but then fall to the ground. She is a really fast crawler. She is really getting good at walking, too. Some days she walks better than others - her balance is better. Then other days, her balance is completely off.

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Nikki said...

When Claire first started walking, she would also revert back to crawling if she wanted to get somewhere in a hurry. Once walking got easier though, she finally gave up crawling.