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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meeting the Easter Bunny

On Monday, March 10th, I asked Kaitlynn if she wanted to see the Easter bunny. She said yes. So Dave and I took her to West County Mall, but the Easter bunny wasn't going to be there until later that evening. We took her to McDonald's for some chicken nuggets and before we left to go back to the mall, I asked her if she was ready to see the Easter bunny. She said yes again. We dressed her in her Easter dress in the car and then went in. There was no one in line for the Easter bunny. As I was walking Kaitlynn up to the bunny, I told the girl that Kaitlynn would cry when I put her on the bunny's lap, but we still wanted the pictures. I put Kaitlynn on the Easter bunny's lap and she was fine. In fact, she was smiling her little heart out. I was shocked, but thought as soon as I step away for the girl to take her picture she would freak out. Nope! She just kept on smiling. I was so proud of her. I wanted to cry. She is such a big girl. The pictures turned out so cute! Our scanner is still not working so I can't post the picture.
It's funny to look at her picture from last year and then this year. Last year she was so tiny in the Easter bunny's lap and was sleeping. This year she looked like such a big girl in the Easter bunny's lap and was smiling so big. She makes me so proud to be her mother!

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