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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mommy's Helper

Yesterday I received an Avon shipment. Kaitlynn likes to help me sort through the products. Once she actually took this ring out of one customer's bag and put it in another's. I didn't realize it and they were delivered to each customer. Thankfully the customer that received the ring in her bag (and wasn't charged for it) called me to let me know. The other customer hadn't said anything to me about the ring missing. It was a pretty smart idea on Kaitlynn's part though because the customer who accidentally received the ring ended up buying 2 of them. What a smart baby! She's just helping mommy get more business and make more money!
Yesterday when she was helping me, she would take something out of the Avon shipment and hand it to me, but as I would reach for it, she would take it back. It was so cute! Oh, by the way, she doesn't have access to the customers' bags anymore.

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