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Monday, April 21, 2008


On Friday, I woke up to Kaitlynn smiling and calling Pumpkin into the bedroom at about 4:30AM. A second or two later, Bailey came down the hall and Kaitlynn called her into the bedroom, too. Then I heard what sounded like the garage door opening and couldn't figure out why Dave would be coming home from an overnight at 4:30AM. Since that didn't make sense I started thinking that maybe someone was trying to break in. That thought went out of my head pretty fast, as Kaitlynn and I heard the water in the shower of the master bathroom start dripping pretty hard. Then at 4:36 the bed started shaking / vibrating, the widows started rattling and the closet doors began shaking. I couldn't figure out what was going on. I was thinking is this a tornado? Should I take Kaitlynn and run downstairs? After things stopped shaking and vibrating, I fished around the news channels to see what the hell just happened. Finally at 5AM, the news said we just experienced an earthquake that was a 5.4.
Later that morning at 10:14, Kaitlynn and I were in the bedroom and the bed started shaking again. It was an aftershock from the earthquake. What a crazy morning!?

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