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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Crafts, Babysitting and Stupidity

Monday Kaitlynn and I worked on some Valentine's Day crafts. We made 2 love bugs and several pictures.
I watched Whitney that afternoon. Kaitlynn, Whitney and I went to my mom's because I had to take her to get her medicine. Then we came back to our house to eat dinner and wait for Whitney's dad. Whitney was pretty fussy for a few hours. She didn't like my mom, which is weird because most kids / babies like her.

I did the stupidest thing. I put my car keys in Whitney's diaper bag as we were coming into the house and I forgot to take them back out. So Whitney went home with my car keys and I couldn't take my mom home. Dave ended up picking them up after school from their house. Kaitlynn and I didn't get to take my mom home until 10:15PM. Then we got stuck on the highway because of a really bad accident. It involved at least 6 cars! Kaitlynn and I didn't get home until midnight! Thankfully she was sleeping the whole time.

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Cascia said...

That must have been a long night! I love the Valentine's crafts. You must have had a lot of fun making them.