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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monkey Joe's

Friday the 30th, we went to Monkey Joe's. Both playgroups, the Mommy and Toddler Playgroup and the Yahoo Moms Playgroup went. We met Tara, Bailey, Casey, Addison, Kim, Mackenzie, Sarah (?) and Reagan there.
Kaitlynn and Bailey
Kaitlynn and Mackenzie
Reagan, Bailey and Kaitlynn
Kaitlynn likes driving.
This mom got mad at me and was giving me dirty looks. Kaitlynn was playing with this toy and her little boy kept slapping Kaitlynn's hands and trying to push her hands off. She wasn't watching him, so I told him that he needed to share. She didn't like that. Well then Kaitlynn got ticked off because he kept being mean to her. She grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him after giving him the look of death. I told her she needed to tell him sorry. She refused (and I can't say I blame her. He was a little brat and deserved it). I'm not sure what the mom thought I should do, but she wasn't happy about it. I think I really ticked her off when I told Kaitlynn she shouldn't put her hands on him even though he was mean and wouldn't share. Oh well. Maybe she will watch her kid next time.
We were at Monkey Joe's for over 3 hours. I ended up feeding Kaitlynn lunch there because I knew she would fall asleep on the drive home.
We went home after Monkey Joe's because Dave stayed home from work. He wasn't feeling well and needed to sleep. After Kaitlynn's nap, Dave was feeling better, so we decided to pick up my mom and go to dinner at Pasta House. I had a birthday certificate to use there.

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