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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beautiful Day in February

Friday was such a beautiful day. I really needed that because I have just had a sad few days. Kaitlynn and I did some errands this morning and then called Tara and Bailey to see if they wanted to met us at Schroeder Park. We met them at the park. It seemed everyone had the same idea. The park wasn't crowded, but I was surprised by the amount of kids there. I don't know why they weren't in school. Kaitlynn and Bailey played for a while, well kind of. They didn't really play together. They just kind of did their own thing.

I also received good news, I think. Maryam left a message this morning asking if I would still be interested in watching Hasnain. She said her husband was upset by the fact that she dropped out of school and wanted her to get back in school. I hope she will be able to get her classes back. Kaitlynn was asking about Hasnain again today. It was kind of weird, because Kaitlynn was asking about him and then the phone rang. It was Maryam. Weird, huh?

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