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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last Day

This morning Kaitlynn and I met the Mommy and Toddler Playgroup at the Museum of Transportation. Bene, Logan, Eileen, Gabe, Tara and Bailey came. We ended up not having to pay for admission. Not sure why. Eileen and Gabe are members and they had 2 free admission tickets, but I think we were supposed to at least pay for Creation Station. So thanks to the old man that gave us free admission! We didn't go to the museum, just straight to Creation Station. I was really tired this morning and in a crabby mood (hormones). So when we first went into Creation Station, I was thinking it was a mistake. Kaitlynn was being really mean. She pushed this little boy and then wouldn't let him up the steps of the ship. Then she grabbed Bailey in a head lock and pushed her face to the floor because Bailey was hoarding all the keys. Kaitlynn got better after being taken off the ship. I just hate when she is mean to other children. I am happy when she sticks up for herself, but when she is just plan mean (for no reason), I don't like it.

Maryam called this morning to see if I could watch Hasnain for a few hours while she went up to school. She brought Hasnain over this afternoon. He was over for less than 2 hours. Kaitlynn and him played well together. I fed them lunch and they played with toys. Maryam brought lunch for us when she came to pick Hasnain up. She brought food from Chipotle Mexican Grill. She told me that she had to drop out of school because her husband's employer filed bankruptcy. She is afraid he may be laid off since they are letting people go. So I will not be watching Hasnain on Tuesdays and Thursdays anymore. Today was my last day. We are going to stay in contact though. I was kind of sad to hear that he wouldn't be coming over regularly anymore. He is such a sweet little guy. I really do think Kaitlynn liked him. I know he enjoyed playing with Kaitlynn and coming over. He really likes Bailey, too.
Hasnain, Bailey and Kaitlynn
After Maryam and Hasnain left, Kaitlyn and I went to my mom's. Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car. I picked up my new eyeglasses tonight. I really like them. I only need to wear them to see distance. My mom treated Kaitlynn and me to dinner at Denny's when Kaitlynn finally woke up. After dinner, we we went to Target to browse and I needed to return something.

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