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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Baby

Monday the 26th, I turned in my Avon order. Kaitlynn and I met with a lady named Genny and her baby Whitney. Genny is looking for someone to babysit her 3 month old a few days a week. Kaitlynn was in love with Whitney. She loves babies. I hope she didn't freak Genny out or scare her away. The other day, I asked Kaitlynn what she wishes for and she said "a baby." After Genny and Whitney left, Kaitlynn took a nap. Then we went to my mom's. My mom scheduled an appointment for her dog Sassy to get her stitches out (from being fixed) and check on a cold that she has. Sassy had to be given antibiotics! Poor baby. We dropped Sassy off at my mom's and started heading toward Kaitlynn's Parents As Teacher class, Learn and Explore, which was being held at the Creve Coeur location. It was snowing and on the way there I decided that the weather was starting to get bad. We decided to skip class and just get dinner. We went to El Nopal to eat. Dinner was pretty good. The roads weren't terrible, but had started getting a little slick while driving back to my mom's. I decided that Kaitlynn and I should just spend the night there, instead of trying to drive back home and risk getting into an accident. For some reason, Kaitlynn has a hard time sleeping at my mom's. She didn't go to sleep until after 10PM and she kept waking up every few hours.

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