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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Playdate at Tara and Bailey's

Monday we went to Tara and Bailey's. Emily and Ella also came over there. We tried out Tara's new coffee maker, a Keurig. The coffee was great! Tara also treated us to lunch. I brought over some pasta and mixed vegetables for the girls to share and she microwaved some chicken nuggets for the girls. We made sandwiches for us bigger girls. Kaitlynn and Bailey fought over everything. They like to take things from each other and want what the other one has. They can be so ornery to each other.

Kaitlynn fell asleep on the way home from the playdate. We went home for about an hour and then went to my mom's. She fell asleep on the way to mom's and slept until we ate dinner. We went to T.G.I. Friday's for dinner because I had a certificate for my birthday. Dinner was good. I had a tostado salad. Kaitlynn didn't eat much, but that's typical. After dinner we went to Walgreens and Shop n Save. My mom and I both had grocery shopping to do. Our fridge was getting pretty bare.

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