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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ping Pong on the Highway

Tuesday the 27th, while Kaitlynn and I were driving home from my mom's, I saw this car playing ping pong on the highway. It was going from side to side and then just spinning around and around. It was so scary. I hate when it snows and people drive too fast. It scares me how people drive because I drive really slow (not too slow) in that kind of weather. I have precious cargo in my car - Kaitlynn. I have been entrusted with her care and I would just die if something happened to her. Anyway, I was on edge and my stomach was in knots the whole way home after seeing that. Thankfully the person wasn't hurt, just shook up. On the drive home, I also saw several cars that slid off the highway into ditches. People were speeding around me and riding my butt. I get so frustrated with people like that, especially after they see I have a child in the car. I mean hello! If you don't care about yourself or others, the least you could do is not try to put my child's life in jeopardy. We made it home safely and without even sliding. Thank God!! Kaitlynn was really tired because she didn't sleep well at my mom's. I was exhausted because she didn't sleep well, so I didn't get much sleep, either. I watched Hasnain that afternoon for about 3 hours. Maryam came back early to get him because after she drove all the way to school, she found out the class was canceled. I felt so bad for her - having to drive all that way for nothing. Then later I found out that she got into a car accident after leaving my house that day. Her and Hasnain were fine, but her car was not - she has a rental car, now.

My friend Tara had planned a Girls Night Out for the evening. There were 14 "girls" that were supposed to go. A lot of people (actually everyone but 4 or 5) canceled due to the weather. Tara picked me up and we met 2 other girls at The Corner Pub and Grill, which is really close to our houses. Originally we were supposed to go to Uno's, but decided to just stay close since the weather was so bad. Yes, we are crazy. Can you tell we needed to get out and enjoy time without our children? We had a good time, but were only out for an hour or two.

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