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Saturday, February 7, 2009

9 Months

Thursday marked 9 months since my dad's death. I think this week it has started to become more real to me. I have been crying and missing him a lot. Kaitlynn will do something and I just yearn for him to be here to see her. I just wish he wasn't missing out. I just wish that we weren't missing out. That Kaitlynn wasn't missing out on getting to know him. He would be so proud of her and just be so in love with her. I wonder if he still "talks" / whispers to her. I hope they never lose their connection.

I feel I have lost all connection to him. I feel I am just grasping at my memories of him. I am just trying to remember and to not forget anything about him. I still wonder when I will wake up from this nightmare.

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Beautifully Unique said...

I'm so sorry! The death of a parent leaves such a hole in your heart.
I lost my mom 9 yrs ago and the pain is still as hard today as it was then. It's really tough looking at my kids and knowing that they will never know her.