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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy 31st Birthday To Me

Friday was my 31st birthday. Dave took the day off of work. He let me sleep in while he took Kaitlynn on a few errands. They brought me breakfast in bed (donuts), flowers (red tulips) and a birthday card. Then he took Kaitlynn on another errand so I could sleep in some more. Isn't he great!

We went out to lunch with my mom to Pasta House. My mom bought me a pair of black sketchers and some socks. I have been wanting a black pair because I have a brown pair and just love them. Maryam called during lunch to wish me a happy birthday and to say that she was glad we are friends. Isn't that sweet? We had to rush home after lunch because Whitney was coming over for me to watch.
Kaitlynn loves to hold Whitney and tries to pick her up all by herself. She also likes getting her diapers, wipes and bottle. She is such a mommy. She is such a sweet girl!
I took Kaitlynn's pony tail out of her hair and her hair was just sticking up in the air.
Kaitlynn is Whitney's first friend!! They have a good time together.
We ordered Imo's Pizza for dinner. I love Imo's cheese pizza. We also watched The Dark Knight after Whitney went home and Kaitlynn went to sleep. I had a good birthday, despite it being Friday the 13th!

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