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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Year of New Rugs

We got an area rug for our front room on Wednesday. Dave took a half day of work and went and bought it. He did another great job on picking out the right color rug, too. It is beige, which looks good in the room. You can't go wrong with that color.
Also, Kaitlynn started doing a different crawl Wednesday. She has never been much of a crawler, she has always preferred to pull up on things and cruise. She was scooting, but now she has started doing a few different crawls. She now does the normal type of crawling and she also does this thing where she has one leg wrapped around the other and moves with her hands and the other leg. She is all over the house and will follow me around or come looking for me if I am not in the same room with her. She crawls, cruises around things, anything she has to do to get around the house. It's so funny!

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