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Saturday, January 5, 2008

10 Month Pictures

I took Kaitlynn to have her 10 month pictures taken at JcPenney on December 29th. She turned 10 months on December 23rd, but with the holidays I didn't take her until the 29th. We have her pictures taken every month at JcPenney. Anyway, her pictures were sent to me via email yesterday and I just had to post some of them. She wore her Christmas Eve dress and did such a great job while getting her pictures taken and posing for the pictures. This made my job of selecting which pictures to purchase that much harder. I was so happy that day because she finally got over her fear of the flash (or whatever had been bothering her). Kaitlynn did a great job with getting her pictures taken until she was 8 months old. During her 8 month and 9 month photo sessions, she cried the entire time. We actually had to reschedule them and she cried during those sessions, too.

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Nikki said...

Cute pictures! Love the red dress.