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Saturday, January 19, 2008

1st Birthday Party Planning

Tonight I went to check out the possible location for Kaitlynn's birthday party. It looks like a cool & fun place. My only concern is that Kaitlynn and her friends will be playing in the ball pit (it's for kids ages 4 and under). Is this safe (regarding germs)? Do they clean the balls in the ball pit? I am going to ask the place if they do, but my husband said he doubted they cleaned them. I am just worried because Kaitlynn and her friends put everything in their mouths. I would hate for one of them to get sick from the ball pit. So now I am back to wondering if I should have it at our house or try to find another location. I think everyone would have a fun time if it was held at the playland place because there are things for everyone to do (even the adults and older children). But like I said I don't want any of the babies to get sick from the ball pit.

If anyone is wondering about an update regarding my concerns over the guest list, I think I am going to put an invitation to the party on the Nursing Moms Group's webpage and send invitations to my friends that I haven't seen in the last year. This has been the consensus of what other moms thought when I posted this question on one of the mom boards I frequent.

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