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Friday, January 25, 2008

I Love You

Yesterday early afternoon, Kaitlynn was sitting in her highchair eating lunch before we went to the Nursing Moms Group. I was feeding her and talking to Dave, who had just got back from grocery shopping. Kaitlynn looked at Dave and said "I Love You". She didn't pronounce the L so it sounded more like "I Ove You". She has been trying to say it for awhile, and finally got it out. We tell her we love her a lot and most of the time she seems to try to repeat it. After she said it, she smiled at Dave, like they had a secret from me. It was so cute (but of course I wish she had said it to me)! I kept trying to get her to say it to me, but she wouldn't, she just kept smiling at Dave. What a little stinker! After the Nursing Moms Group, my parents came over. While I was holding Kaitlynn, she looked at my dad and said "I love you dodo dada." So maybe "dodo dada" is her name for Paw Paw. Then Kaitlynn started saying "I love you" to everything (yes she even finally said it to me).

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Nikki said...

Wow! That's awesome. I'm still waiting to hear those wonderful words.