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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Venturing into Prefolds

Yesterday I went to Cotton Babies to purchase one of their diaper packages, The "Try It" Kit. This package includes 6 prefolds, 2 diaper covers and a snappi. I got 6 Chineses Unbleached Prefold diapers, 2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps in froggy pond and jungle, and a red Snappi. I also bought some used bumGenius 3.0 one size cloth diapers and some one size inserts. I think I have plenty of cloth diapers now. I am excited to try the prefolds. I also have some Birdseye Prefold diapers that I should be able to use with the diaper covers. I washed all the new diapers and am ready to try them out. I may not be too excited after trying them out, as I have heard that there is a learning curve with prefolds. It should be pretty interesting. Kaitlynn hates getting her diaper changed most of the time now. At Cotton Babies, they said it is a good time to get Kaitlynn into the prefolds because she will actually feel wetness. They said with the bumGenius diapers she doesn't feel the wetness. The prefolds will help with getting her ready to potty train. I am not trying to potty train her now, she is too young. But apparently the prefolds will help.


Two Lines On a Stick said...

Congrats on braving the prefolds. I think you will like them once you get used to them. Also I meant to tell you that I still use infant size prefolds for B (we have some premiums too but I like the infant fit because they aren't as bulky). So you might want to try that if the bulkiness annoys you.

Amy said...

I bought the premium size. I have some Birdseye that are smaller though.