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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spending Time with MawMaw and MawMaw Tommie

My Aunt Tommie came in to stay with my mom for the weekend on Wednesday the 10th. Kaitlynn refers to her as MawMaw Tommie when she sees a picture of her or you ask her who she is.

Kaitlynn and I went to my mom's on Wednesday. My mom, Tommie, Kaitlynn and I went to the Mills Mall. We shopped at Children's Place, Gymboree and a few other stores. We ate dinner at Chevy's and Kaitlynn played at the play area.

Thursday Kaitlynn, my mom, Tommie, Auggie, Elliott and I went to the Zoo. We got there around lunch time, so we ate lunch first.

Then we went to pet the stingrays. They were splashing water all over the place. Kaitlynn got pretty scared about that and was ready to go. Of course, we couldn't leave Caribbean Cove without MawMaw buying Kaitlynn a stingray (or two)!
We saw the brown bears, prairie dogs, big cats, zebras, and giraffes.
Auggie and Elliott got in the mister, but Kaitlynn changed her mind.
While my mom, Auggie and Elliott went into the Herpetarium, Kaitlynn, Tommie and I stayed outside.
Kaitlynn loved posing for pictures.
We saw a mommy peacock and her baby.
We saw the sea lions and went through the Jungle of the Apes. My mom, Kaitlynn and Auggie rode the Carousel and then we called it a day.
Friday night my mom and Tommie watched Kaitlynn so that Dave and I could have a date night. We went to the Shakespeare Festival to see the play The Merry Wives of Windsor. We have gone almost every year since we started dating (June 16, 2002). In fact our first date was the Shakespeare Festival. The play was A Midsummer Night's Dream. The only year we missed besides the first year (in 2001) was last year because of my dad's passing away. We really look forward to going. It's a real experience. We got great seats (bring your own blanket or chairs). We were close to the stage and could really enjoy the play. It was so nice being out as a couple.


Tiffany said...

Oh how fun! Prayse has never been to the zoo - neither has my husband. So we're taking the family to the Omaha Zoo for her birthday. Can't wait!

A Modern Mother said...

Sounds like a wonderful. I really miss The Children's Place and stock up every time I'm in the US.

Laura McIntyre said...

You guys always look like your having so much fun, i just love the little red shirt she is wearing