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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jungle Boogie - J Rob

Friday Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie.
The penguins were the first animals we visited because of Kaitlynn's recent interest in "Happy Feet".
Kaitlynn loves seeing the penguins, but doesn't like being inside because she gets too cold. Although she didn't want to leave the puffins.
We were heading back into the Penguin / Puffin exhibit because Kaitlynn said she wasn't done with "her turn" to see the puffins when she spotted the Carousel. Daddy and Kaitlynn had a nice ride on the bench.
Kaitlynn loves to see the flamingos and ducks. We were looking for the turtles that are sometimes with the ducks, but didn't see them.
On the way to the Herpetarium, we stopped to listen to the band and watch the prairie dogs. Kaitlynn didn't want to spend too much time with the prairie dogs because she heard the sea lions. It was great timing because we watched them getting fed. Kaitlynn is so very caring. One of the sea lions (a female that has some problems with her eyesight) didn't eat one of the fish the keeper tossed to her. Kaitlynn was very concerned about it. She refused to leave until the keeper got the fish out of the water.
We finally made our way into the Herpetarium to see the turtles, but there weren't as many as they used to have.
We headed over to Big Cat Country and saw a lioness, a leopard, and all 5 tigers.
Kaitlynn wasn't too interested in seeing the zebras, camels, or ostrich (that is in with the giraffes). The giraffes and donkeys weren't out. Kaitlynn said "Donkey where are you?"
We dropped a few pieces of popcorn (poppy as Kaitlynn calls it) and this peacock came up and started eating it. I wasn't sure what the peacock was doing at first when she started approaching us and just kept coming closer and closer. Kaitlynn had no fear of her. We had to remind her to keep some distance and not to try petting her.
We headed back towards the band and hung out there for a bit while watching the small brown bear.
A trip to the Zoo for us isn't really complete unless we go through River's Edge. As we were walking through people passing us told us it was a waste of time because none of the animals were out. We really didn't mind, so we just kept walking through. The hippos weren't out, but Kaitlynn liked looking at the fish.
I have never noticed these after Hippo Harbor. Aren't these awesome?
We did get to see the hyenas and one elephant. So, of course, I told Kaitlynn that the elephant was waiting to see her. She thought that was pretty cool.
Dave and I noticed this really neat tree by the elephants.
J Rob was a good jazz / blues band. We liked a lot of the music they played and it was really neat to be able to hear the music as we were walking around the Zoo.
Kaitlynn cracked us up. While we were walking, she said to me "hold me. Hold your daughter." She likes to remind me that she is my daughter. She got on this kick from watching "Happy Feet."

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Tiffany said...

How fun! You're making me excited for our big zoo trip next month!