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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grant's Farm with Friends and Last Class

Tuesday May 19th Kaitlynn and I met the Mommy and Toddler Playgroup at Grant's Farm.
We had a good size group - Eileen, Gabe, Jen, Eleanor, Colton, Crystal, Abby, Tara, Bailey, Kim, Mackenzie, Tristan, Emily, Ella and of course Kaitlynn and me.
After the tram ride (and Tara losing her shoe), we fed the goats.

Then we walked around, looked at the animals and talked.
After lunch the kids ran around some more.
We had a fun time with our friends!
Kaitlynn and I went to my mom's where she played outside with Sassy. Kaitlynn enjoyed tossing the frisbee around.
Wednesday the 20th Kaitlynn attended her last Motor Developers class. We hung out for a little while with friends afterwards. Then came home, ate lunch and played outside. Outside we ran around, chased Bailey around the yard, laid in the grass and did firefighter, cut some flowers to put in vases around the house and just had a lot of fun.

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