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Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Addition

Dave and I got Kaitlynn a turtle. We weren't sure if she would really be interested in the turtle or not. We weren't sure if she would like it or be afraid of it. Well she absolutely loves it. She named the turtle Turtle.
Monday morning she couldn't wait to check on Turtle. She is not afraid to touch it or pick it up either.
I told Kaitlynn that we should take Turtle outside for a bit. She knelt down and asked Turtle if it wanted to go outside. She informed me that Turtle wanted to go. So we took Turtle outside to get some sun and "exercise". Kaitlynn loved it! When we came in she said "Oh, thank you momma!"
She also enjoyed watering the tomato plants. She is such a good helper.
She is really taking care of the turtle. For now we are keeping it in a box. She changes the box, gives Turtle fresh lettuce and carrots everyday and puts water in it's bowl. She is so responsible! I guess she is a typical first born.

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