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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zoo Friends' Day

Thursday the 7th Kaitlynn and I delivered Avon, then went to my mom's. She was watching Elliott, so we took the kids to Burger King. Kaitlynn and Elliott had fun playing in the play area and met a couple of new friends. We took my mom to a dental appointment and then went to the mall play area for the kids to play.

Friday the 8th started Dave's vacation from work. I watched Olivia. It was Zoo Friends' Day so that afternoon (after it stopped raining), we went the Zoo. We rode the train first.

View of the tigers from the train.

Then we visited the new Caribbean Cove. It was only open to Zoo members that day. The Caribbean Cove is home to 32 stingrays. Dave and I pet a few of them. Kaitlynn would put her hand in the water, but as soon as one would start to swim near her, she would jerk her hand out of the water.
Such a brave little girl!

Kaitlynn had fun creating some artwork. She made a sea picture and a stingray. I'll have to take pictures and post them later, because she did an awesome job!
We saw the sea lions, big cats, zebras, giraffes, and donkeys.

Then stopped to watch this beautiful peacock.

We saw the prairie dogs
and watched this brown bear carry a rubber tub up a tree.

What a wonderful family day!!

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