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Friday, May 8, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Monday I watched Olivia. Kaitlynn, Olivia and I picked up my mom from work. After Megan picked up Olivia, we went to the mall. My mom bought Kaitlynn a couple pairs of flip flops. Kaitlynn told my mom she wanted fries and a shake for dinner, so we went to Applebee's.

Tuesday I watched Olivia. Kaitlynn's P.A.T. educator, Amy, came over for her last visit of the school year. Amy and Kaitlynn worked on puzzles. I was amazed at the puzzles Kaitlynn could put together. I mean, I know she is smart, but I didn't think 2 year olds could do puzzles that didn't have pictures under them and had interlocking pieces. I guess I better buy some different puzzles. The ones we have are not challenging for Kaitlynn at all. Kaitlynn, Olivia, and I met Emily and Ella at Kangaroo Kids. Kaitlynn and Ella played for an hour, although not really together. Emily and I got to catch up. I am so glad she is feeling better and is able to hang out now. It was her birthday and we were planning on having lunch at a Mexican restaurant (since it was Cinco de Mayo), but the girls were pretty wound up. We decided to just go back to our house. On the way, Ella fell asleep, so Emily decided to head home.

After lunch, Kaitlynn played outside. Then Kaitlynn and Olivia took naps.

A pair of Kaitlynn's new flip flops. She loves them.
The girls matched (again).
Dave brought home Bud Light Lime, margaritas and tortilla chips. We had a Mexican fiesta - sort of!

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Emily said...

Cinco de Mayo was fun! I'm so glad we were able to get together and hang out. Ella loved that Cozy Coupe so much that I'm on a search for one on Craig's List for her b-day. :)